Thursday, January 22, 2009

Theo The Recluse

No wait...that's me!  Sorry for being so quite these last few weeks.  I think I've just been quiet in general.  Husband said I've been acting more "independent" lately. I think that means I've just needed a lot of me time lately.  I still do, but how can I not keep the world posted on my little star?  So back to Theo.   

The teenager is in full swing!  He has had quite a few days the last few weeks of being a total butthead.  You know, selective hearing, super pushy, defying authority; the usual bit.  Other days he's his usual angel self.  I can't wait until we're past it, that's for sure.  Running with him in the mornings has been quite a challenge.  He absolutely will not run next to me anymore.  Right out of the gate he bolts at full speed and will not stop no matter what speed I am running/walking, no matter how much is strangles him.  No matter how much training I do with him to change this, he will not stop.  I'm completely perplexed as to what to do about this.  Of course, it's not all the time, or on all walks, just in the mornings when we run.  I don't want to give up running (I'm finally getting some endurance!), but it frustrates me to no end every single morning.

His energy level is insane.  He hasn't been sleeping on my feet so much anymore.  That would involve sitting still for too long.  Instead he just wants to play catch/fetch all the time, or chew on his antler.  But I long ago was resigned to my fate as toy thrower, so that's fine.   I'm still feeding him more than the average Corgi and he's still staying stick skinny, so I think that's just the look he'll be sporting for awhile.  While at the dog park with him last week we saw another Corgi that was very fat with a shorter body (he was also 10 years older).  A woman asked the other Corgi's owner what breed of dog she had.  A few minutes later she asked what breed Theo was.  When I told her they were both Corgis she looked at me in disbelief.  "Those two dogs are the same breed?"  Hehe.  I am still laughing about it.  I guess people really aren't used to seeing Corgis that aren't chubby.

In other Theo news, he started his second agility class last night!  I'm really excited for this one.  We're still not running full courses yet, but we got to do some great jump exercises (including a double jump!) and eventually we'll get to work off leash.  It's a lot more serious than the first class.  The first class was very "hey, let's play on some equipment!".  This class there is a lot more handler training as well as dog training.  I don't like feeling quite so on the spot, but Theo being such a star makes me feel much better.

I never did pull those snow pictures off of my camera.  I know, I'm such a slacker.  I can tell you all about Theo's snow jacket I ended up buying him at the last minute. It's this one here.  I liked it because it looked longer than the average doggy coat.  Also, Husband wanted one that fully closed at the bottom, rather than just a band, so his tummy stayed warm.  Sizing was key and very tricky.  I used their sizing chart and measured the appropriate measurements on Theo.  Of course, all his measurements pointed toward a medium, except his big neck, which fit with a large.  I didn't want to choke him, and I figured too large is better than too small, so I opted for the large.  It turned out to be the perfect fit, so I don't know how much I trust their sizing chart.  If I had bought the medium it would have been way too small (even though they list Corgis as being a size medium on the sizing chart!).  And since Theo is so skinny I'm really surprised it was so tight.  Maybe the average Corgi would even be better with an extra large?  That's a crazy thought.  Heh.   I also liked the jacket because it comes with a hood.  I figure since Theo's main complain about the rain is that he doesn't like it hitting his head, the jacket should help.   Oh, and because I know you're curious, the jacket was the perfect length in that he protected his full tummy area, but he was still able to pee in it without hitting any material. 

Ironically enough, my sister emailed me halfway through writing this post asking why I haven't been posting.  Here you go sheshe!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Here, Mostly Sleeping

Phew!  It feels weird to have gone so long without posting!  We're still here.  I had a 2 week vacation from work and everything just kind of hit me...the stress of the year.  I ended up basically catatonic during that time.  Ok, not really, but I'm sure I wasn't great company (sorry mom!).  I collapsed on the couch under my favorite blanket and a book and just read or slept the day away.  Every day.  For 2 weeks.  Basically.

Ok, we did go up to Reno for 5 days to visit my parents, but we still didn't do much.  My poor mom.  She was visibly frustrated by my and Husband's complete lack of motivation to do much of anything.   It was partially brought on by the fact that I couldn't really stomach food for the first week.  Don't know why, I just never felt hungry, and felt sick every time I tried to eat.  After we got home I vegged some more.  Now that I'm back at work, I'm wishing I was still at home vegging.  I may be addicted.  

Anyway, that's why I've been MIA for 2 weeks.  But enough about me.  The little booger was a total trouble maker the first week, and a total angel the second week for the most part.  

Let's start with Reno.  Theo loved it.  He was so excited, the first thing he did when we got into my parents' house was poop in their bedroom.  Awesome.  It snowed all of Christmas day. Theo loved playing in the snow.  He liked running around plowing it with his chest and then flinging himself over it with his bunny legs.  It was adorable to watch.  The neighbor's golden lab kept coming over to play.  At one point Theo wandered over to their backyard and wouldn't come back, even after calling him for 10 minutes straight.  He would look right at me, and then wander away.  Ugh.  He got in trouble BIG TIME for that.  The neighbors ended up seeing him in their backyard and letting him in their house.  I ended up having to trudge through the snow and icy road over to their house to go and get him ("Excuse me, may I please have my horribly rude dog back?"  Hehe.  They obviously loved him and didn't want to give him back.).  Booger indeed.  Husband and I tried to take him snow shoeing with us, but he wouldn't come with us.  He just sat by the back door and cried.  I think he was afraid of the big scary shoes.  He was great in the car, no incidents.

The next week, while I was even more catatonic than I was in Reno, Theo was pretty much glued to me.  Husband got food poisoning or the stomach flu or something so he was stuck in bed for most of the week, so it was just Theo and me.  I was perfectly willing to play endless fetch with him while permanently glued to the couch, but he wasn't interested for the most part.  He seemed to pick up perfectly on my apathetic mood and just chilled on the couch with me most of the time.  Not only did he sleep all week on the couch with me, he slept on me!  The 2 foot rule was temporarily suspended and I was even allowed to pet him at times while he slept.  It was crazy.  In that time of close quarters, I also learned the difference between Theo's 3 major whines: Mommy I need to pee, Mommy I want you to get off the couch and come over here and play with me, and Mommy I need you to come and get my toy that rolled under the couch.  The latter of the 3 is a ridiculously adorable quiet whine that is possibly the most pathetic sound you've ever heard.  Of course, it would have to be in order to get me up and in the other room every 3 minutes to get his ball he couldn't seem to keep from rolling under the couch.  Of course, now that we're back to our normal schedule, the 2 foot rule suspension has been lifted and we're back to our normal interactions.  It was nice while it lasted.

Well it's a new year.  2008 was year zero, the puppy year.  I think I'll call year 1 and maybe beyond "adolescence" because, really, he's just not a puppy anymore.  He's a troublesome little teenager.  My wonderful troublesome littler teenager.  I loved year zero, and I'm sure I'll love year one as well.

Happy New Year everyone!