Thursday, January 22, 2009

Theo The Recluse

No wait...that's me!  Sorry for being so quite these last few weeks.  I think I've just been quiet in general.  Husband said I've been acting more "independent" lately. I think that means I've just needed a lot of me time lately.  I still do, but how can I not keep the world posted on my little star?  So back to Theo.   

The teenager is in full swing!  He has had quite a few days the last few weeks of being a total butthead.  You know, selective hearing, super pushy, defying authority; the usual bit.  Other days he's his usual angel self.  I can't wait until we're past it, that's for sure.  Running with him in the mornings has been quite a challenge.  He absolutely will not run next to me anymore.  Right out of the gate he bolts at full speed and will not stop no matter what speed I am running/walking, no matter how much is strangles him.  No matter how much training I do with him to change this, he will not stop.  I'm completely perplexed as to what to do about this.  Of course, it's not all the time, or on all walks, just in the mornings when we run.  I don't want to give up running (I'm finally getting some endurance!), but it frustrates me to no end every single morning.

His energy level is insane.  He hasn't been sleeping on my feet so much anymore.  That would involve sitting still for too long.  Instead he just wants to play catch/fetch all the time, or chew on his antler.  But I long ago was resigned to my fate as toy thrower, so that's fine.   I'm still feeding him more than the average Corgi and he's still staying stick skinny, so I think that's just the look he'll be sporting for awhile.  While at the dog park with him last week we saw another Corgi that was very fat with a shorter body (he was also 10 years older).  A woman asked the other Corgi's owner what breed of dog she had.  A few minutes later she asked what breed Theo was.  When I told her they were both Corgis she looked at me in disbelief.  "Those two dogs are the same breed?"  Hehe.  I am still laughing about it.  I guess people really aren't used to seeing Corgis that aren't chubby.

In other Theo news, he started his second agility class last night!  I'm really excited for this one.  We're still not running full courses yet, but we got to do some great jump exercises (including a double jump!) and eventually we'll get to work off leash.  It's a lot more serious than the first class.  The first class was very "hey, let's play on some equipment!".  This class there is a lot more handler training as well as dog training.  I don't like feeling quite so on the spot, but Theo being such a star makes me feel much better.

I never did pull those snow pictures off of my camera.  I know, I'm such a slacker.  I can tell you all about Theo's snow jacket I ended up buying him at the last minute. It's this one here.  I liked it because it looked longer than the average doggy coat.  Also, Husband wanted one that fully closed at the bottom, rather than just a band, so his tummy stayed warm.  Sizing was key and very tricky.  I used their sizing chart and measured the appropriate measurements on Theo.  Of course, all his measurements pointed toward a medium, except his big neck, which fit with a large.  I didn't want to choke him, and I figured too large is better than too small, so I opted for the large.  It turned out to be the perfect fit, so I don't know how much I trust their sizing chart.  If I had bought the medium it would have been way too small (even though they list Corgis as being a size medium on the sizing chart!).  And since Theo is so skinny I'm really surprised it was so tight.  Maybe the average Corgi would even be better with an extra large?  That's a crazy thought.  Heh.   I also liked the jacket because it comes with a hood.  I figure since Theo's main complain about the rain is that he doesn't like it hitting his head, the jacket should help.   Oh, and because I know you're curious, the jacket was the perfect length in that he protected his full tummy area, but he was still able to pee in it without hitting any material. 

Ironically enough, my sister emailed me halfway through writing this post asking why I haven't been posting.  Here you go sheshe!


Kinzlayer said...

I think it's a certain toy she recently got that has been preoccupying her. I blame technology.

Lynn said...

Yay you're back! If you figure out how to stop Theo from pulling, be sure to let us know. I agree that people aren't used to seeing skinny corgis... it's a bit sad. I want to see snow photos! And I can't wait to hear more about agility classes!

JuLo said...

Psh, stop blaming my iphone! :p

Heh, I don't know that if he stops it will be because of anything I've done. I've tried having him constantly on a "watch me". That helped for like 5 seconds. I've tried using treats, but he's not interested (!). I've tried verbally scolding him. I've tried keeping him in a short short leash. I've tried backing up a couple of steps every time he jets forward. Nothing works. *sigh*

Pam said...

My friend who also has a corgi tells me Momo is too skinny :p He's only 9 months old though, and probably still growing and still has a hopping mad metabolism so I'm not getting too complacent haha.

P.S. Theo's coloring is awesome! Very unique!

Chantel said...

Glad you're back Julo...I missed your posts. Love to know what Theo is up to :-)

That jacket looks awesome, I might get Bella the same one, but in pink!

Kelly said...

Hooray you're back! That jacket is soo cute :) He actually will wear the hood? I can't wait to see photos.

I have the opposite problem w/Gibson's weight. Everyone always comments on how "well he's fed" and how he "must not miss any meals". I always have to defend him by telling them corgis are naturally stocky! Meanwhile, his favorite nickname of my husband and me is "fatty" :)

Spectater said...

thanks. if you go too long between posts again, i'll light another fire under ya.

Sam Tsang said...

Yay! You're back! We miss you and Theo :) You gotta take a picture of that spiffy coat with Theo!

JuLo said...

Hehe. Thanks everyone, it's good to be back. About the jacket, Theo kind of wore the hood. He was pretty good about it, since it didn't really get in the way of anything but his ears, but sometimes he would knock it off his head. It wasn't raining at the time though, so he didn't really need it.

Kelly, Gibson isn't fat! Why are people so mean? Some Corgis are just much fluffier than others. I think that's partly why Theo looks so skinny. His fur lays very flat against his body.

a corgi said...

glad you posted; we missed hearing about Theo; Koda's a puller too when we start out walking; but then he stops and sniffs to the point of just stopping for 10 minutes if I would let him; we often walk in the side of the street until I hear a car coming so that he isn't some place where he will sniff (I do let him get in some sniffing, but he would sniff the whole walk time).

I can't remember when Koda was just over a year old how active he was; we were living in Montana then and had a big backyard so he did run a lot aroudn that so maybe that's how he got his energy out

glad Theo's liking agility classes :)


Freya's Human said...

Yay you're back! I'm trying to keep Freya healthy. I've been checking her ribs periodically to make sure I'm not over feeding her or underfeeding her for that matter.

I love the jacket! I can't believe how wrong the size chart is--your corgi can fit in a jacket that our Weimaraner can wear! That's just insane to me for some reason. I would love to pics of him in his jacket.

I'm excited--soon obedience class starts!

Hope all is well.

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

I figured you might be hibernating ;) Glad you're back! I agree that finding clothes that fit corgis' proportion is always tricky. Bryson has always needed at least a "large" (sometimes "XL" although I tend to be denial about that)... Glad you guys are enjoying agility! That should be a good way to burn off some of that teenage energy :)

Dances with Corgis said...

That is so cool that you are digging the new agility class. Sounds like it's a lot more intensive and more hands on. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Anonymous said...

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