Thursday, March 19, 2009

Late Night Agility

How is it the middle of March and I haven't posted yet this month?  Man, I am still out of it.

The biggest Theo news I have is he started the next agility class last night.  The place I take him for training originally only had 2 agility classes: agility 1 and agility 2.  And people could just take 2 over and over again.  Well apparently the class got so big, the trainer decided to split the class and make an agility 3.  Since Theo had already gone through agility 2 once, the trainer graduated him to 3 last night.  What's that mean?  Well probably nothing except that now class is at 8:30pm!  Ugh, that's going to be rough.

Basically, it's a big pain for the trainer to pull out all the agility equipment and set it up every week, so she's not willing to do it more than 1 night a week.  That means she has to fit 3 agility classes into one evening, thus the late hour.  I wouldn't mind except it means driving all the way down there to pick Theo up from doggy day care, then driving home for like an hour, and then turning around and driving back.  I would just hang out and walk around, but an hours is a long time to kill and there's really nothing in the area worth walking to.  It's really not a very nice neighborhood.  It's not unsafe, just loud, smelly, and busy.

I'm a little nervous about agility 3 because it means I'm in the class with the people who have been doing this class for years and their dogs are just amazing.  Theo is still pretty terrible.  He gets so excited to be running the obstacles, that he runs past half of them.  And I don't think he'll ever quite get the hang of the weave poles.  Heh.

There's one dog, Princess, who does the cutest thing.  When she's all done with the course her owner throws his hands up and waves them around, and Princess hops up on her hind legs, and dances around with her front paws in the airs.  It's the cutest thing!  It's a fun way to celebrate without using a treat.  I don't think I could ever get Theo accept a treat substitute celebration.


a corgi said...

of course Theo will never accept a treat substitute; he's a corgi; they live, breath, think of food 24/7

that would be hard to do the agility class that late; Koda would be ready for bed by 9:00

have a good weekend


Kelly said...

I hear ya! Our rally class starts at 7:45 and I think THAT is way late haha.

I am sure Theo is not that horrible since he got moved up to the hard class! The trainer must see some potential in him :)

Not using treats is hard. My trainer is totally against blows haha.

ClassyChassy said...

That sounds like fun - but food is an important influence over my corgis - they live and breathe it!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Wow, 8:30's rough... But glad you guys have graduated to the veterans class now! We only did 2 classes and gave up (too lazy), kudos to you!

Tee said...

OHhh, those are the cutest, pink-est back paws I've ever seen! Makes one want to hug the pup owns those pinky back paws!

Tuffy of Dog WOods

Anonymous said...

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