Friday, April 24, 2009

Arriving In Style

Has anyone heard of PetAirways?  Apparently they are a pet-only airline, where your pet rides in the main cabin of the plane, rather than the cargo area.  It's definitely an interesting concept, but I wonder what the main differences between the main cabin and the cargo area would be on a plane that is just for pets.  Obviously the cabin is not going to be equiped with reclining seats and a convenient reading light for Theo's leisure.  But temperature sound control would be a definite plus.

Would I do it?  Probably not.  But I think it's a really neat idea, and a decidedly better option that cargo shipping your pup.  Plus, I think it's neat that you can track your puppy's progress.

Flights start in July.  Would anybody consider PetAirways for their pet traveling needs?


a corgi said...

I'd have to look into it. Haven't heard about it. But I think I'd like the concept of being able to fly with Koda with me in coach rather than him in the cargo area. He came from Alabama when he was 9 weeks old in cargo and later I heard horror stories of how some pets are treated when flying by handlers, etc. I can only hope he wasn't treated like that. I do know he was the last off the plane after passengers and luggage, that didn't seem right. I'd be tempted to use it if there was a lot of dignity afforded them and they weren't just a piece of luggage tossed aside. And the thing is, it wasn't cheap to send him cargo; several hundred dollars.

have a good weekend!


Kelly said...

hmm maybe if i was moving somewhere far away, but definitely not for just a trip.. I'd be too nervous having him flying in the air without me if it wasn't necessary.