Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Corgi Stuff Giveaway

No sorry, it's not I who is giving Corgi paraphernalia away. For that kind of awesomeness you'll have to check out Gibson's blog, Corgi Butts. In honor of turning one year old, Kelly is giving away credits for her store. How cool! I haven't gotten anything Corgi-related since my dad sent me a "Corgis for Obama" magnet. I wouldn't mind a "Corgi Agility" tshirt, or an "I love Corgi butts: license plate frame. Wish me luck! I never win these things.


Kelly said...

woohoo! thanks for the plug :)

a corgi said...

LOL with the Corgis for Obama; wonder if they had a corgis for McCain, Koda is a bit conservative

hope you have a good Fourth!


JuLo said...

Betty, lol! I'm sure there were Corgis for McCain at some point. Cafe Press makes everything, right? Hehe.

Kelly, thanks for doing the giveaway! It's a great idea! :D