Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foot Warmer

I don't think I've mentioned before, but Theo has a thing for sitting on people's feet. I've never had a dog do this to me, but when I'm out with Theo on our evening walk, when we stop to chat with a person, Theo will walk over to the person, turn around, and do this kind of lazy backwards fall onto their feet. You know the one, where he just kind of slowly lets his booty skooch back until it hits something. Nine times out of ten the person melts, and then leans down to pet him. Yep, he's got them all pegged. When the person has a dog with them, Theo will do this sort of sniffing dance, where he'll pretend like he's walking around the dog to sniff his/her butt, but really it's so he can get to the owner's feet (without the dog going postal on him). As soon as he's there, he loses all interest in the other dog. What a tricksssssy dog he is!

There are a few of my neighbors (dog owners of course) who Theo genuinely adores. When he sees them, he will run up to them and practically fling his body onto their feet. Why? So they can love on him of course! They know just where the good scratching spots are, and he's all over it. Usually if we stick around talking long enough (more than a minute), he'll lose interest, get up and move somewhere away from us, and wait not so patiently for our conversation to be over.

Has anyone else seen the foot sit before? I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't take my camera on our walks, plus it's dark out. It's pretty hilarious when it happens to someone for the first time. They kind of go "Oh! There's a dog on my foot!"


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

ahh yes, Theo is a genius :) Lance isn't that much of a cuddler, but occasionally when he decides he really likes a person Lance will settle his corgi butt right on top of the persons feet. Everyone always thinks it's super cute!

And of course Bernese Mountain Dog are the ultimate furry slippers. Someday I will own one of them :)

Aj said...

Ein does that too :) He'll just come over and lay his booty/body on me. He's a total lover.

LOL @ Theo flinging his body to the neighbors. I'm imagining what it'd be like if people did that, hahaha.

That corgi :) said...

LOL! Theo is too cute!!! (before I forget, we drove by a dog park in the Escondido area, do you frequent that? we almost stopped looking for corgis, LOL)

Koda doesn't sit on other people's feet, but sometimes he's right on top of our feet (especially at night in bed :)


Kelly said...

Gibson does that when he is in trouble! haha.. If we raise our voice at him ever, he comes slowly, spins around, and sits on our feet, then looks up as if to say, I'mmm sowwwwwwy :(

Laurie said...

Sadie's always UNDER my feet. I trip over her all the time haha. She hasn't done this though. But it sounds awfully cute!! :)


peglow said...

Lol! Theo has sooo done that to me!

Lynn said...

Theo is so cute!

Lucy doesn't do that, not so much about the loving, but at night she definitely likes to sleep touching someone. I call her my bedwarmer!

JuLo said...

LL&V - Theo is anything but a cuddler, actually. I think it's just part of his routine. Dogs get their butts sniffed, people get their feet sat on.

Aj - Theo rarely does it to me. He saves all his loving for strangers. :(

Betty - There's actually a dog park about 1 mile from my house, so I only get to other ones usually when there's a Corgi meetup there. I think I've been to that one once last year. Need to come a little further south! ;)

Kelly - That's adorable! Usually when Theo is in trouble he doesn't much care. He is such a punk, and he knows I'm a total sucker.

Freya's Human said...

Freya does this to me every now and again. Since she is a smaller corgi, she will attempt to climb up people's legs for attention--which is totally my fault in not ever correcting her.

When I stand and talk to someone long enough, she'll huff and plop down and sprawl on the floor.

Philip said...

Hehe, that's so cute!
Philip does what I call self-petting. If I'm sitting on a couch such that my feet aren't touching the floor, he'll walk up right under a foot and graze himself along the bottom of it from head to middle of back, then stop and sit right there, propping against the foot and staring at me with his "pet me" hypnosis eyes :)
If a hand hang off the bed or something, he'll do the same, but head only since it's usually a bit higher. Oh and if I don't succumb to the hypnosis he'll do it again and again for about 15 mins before he gets tired and leaves.

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