Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pointer

Sorry to be a bit vulgar, but I have to share this story with you. It involves poop. Faint of heart be warned. Heh, no it's not bad, it's actually pretty awesome.

The other night I was out on a walk with Theo and Husband. Theo stopped to poop (aside: How cute are Corgis when they poop? The way they scrunch of their long bodies is kind of adorable, even though they're doing something rather unsavory. I should get a picture some time and post it. Would that be weird? I mean weird for me.), and Husband and I were chatting and not really paying attention. I stooped down to pick up his little present, and saw only a tiny turd, a third of its normal size. I jokingly scolded Theo for his tiny poop and asked him where the rest of it was. And as if he understood me (because of course he did, he's an uber smart Corgi for goodness sakes), he pointed his nose at another turd I had completely missed about a foot away as if to say "The rest is right over here, Mommy! Don't forget to pick it up too!"

I was flabbergasted. I howled in amusement, and then I praised him profusely. "What a good boy for showing Mommy where the rest of your poop was!"

Husband claimed Theo was merely smelling his poop, but I refuse to believe it. First, that's not nearly as cool as a dog who can point, not nearly as awesome as a dog who can understand me when most people can't make out my bumbling mumblies, and not nearly as hilarious as a dog that can't take a joke. And also, he never smells his poop. That's gross. Eating sheep poop, however? Totally acceptable.

It's hard to put to words exactly why owning a Corgi is just about the best thing ever. It's more than just their smart, they're tenacious, they're goofy. Those words don't quite convey just how smart, tenacious, and goofy they are! You have to see it for yourself in the daily goings on, when they do something so adorable, so surprising, so hilarious that you think to yourself Corgis are just the best! I regret that half of the great Corgi things Theo does never make it into this blog. They are so random and surprising, I often thoroughly enjoy those moments and then proceed for forget all about them. Just know that for every moment like Theo's point, there are probably two or three other moments that I just never shared. I'll try and be better about that!

Have you ever seen your Corgi point? What about other fun behaviors that sent you into spasms?


Laurie said...

Hahhaha that's pretty funny! Corgis are super smart! I swear Sadie knows the different types of animals that her toys are. Because when I ask her for a certain animal, she will look around the room for it and bring the right one back to me!!!

Kelly said...

tooo funny!! :) I love how they look when they poop too... we always giggle when Gibson is doing his business!

betty said...

too cute!! and they are cute when they are doing their business like that and if Theo is like Koda, they can't do it in one spot, they have to leave a little here, a little there

and corgis are so wonderfully fantastic; I totally agree. I don't know how Koda knows it, but he knows when I am sitting at the computer and I sign off for lunch (I work at home). I have tried to change how I do it and be real quiet about it, but he knows exactly when I'm clocking out and it is time for a treat.

don't you love this warm weather??


Unknown said...

Lucy definitely points at her tennis balls... especially if they're under the sofa!

Whosyergurl said...

Chelsea kinda points and lifts her right paw.
I love the way she looks up and me and smiles.
I swear she does.
Hug you,