Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunny Hunter

I'll get to the bunnies in a minute.  First I have to share with you how absolutely hysterical Theo is being right now.  I threw my back out on Tuesday (yes, I'm having just the best week ever), and laying on my stomach is really the only comfortable position for me to be in for extended periods of time.  So right now I'm laying on the floor on my stomach, typing away on my laptop.  Theo, fresh off his after breakfast nap, just came up to me, pulled off my socks, nibbled my feet, jumped on my head a few times, then laid down in a similar position to me, play growling while I gave him my hands to chew on for awhile.  When I went back to the laptop (to blog this here post!), he laid his head down on my legs and now he's taking a nap.

This is owning a Corgi.  When I say Corgis are goofballs, this is what I'm talking about.

A commenter on my last post brought up an excellent point I didn't mention.  Not only does Theo miss the dogs at doggy daycare.  He also misses the humans working there!  He absolutely loves the woman who runs the place, and I miss our conversations when I would come in to pick him up.  I'm sure they miss him as well.  I can't wait to take him back.

Ok, back to your not so regularly scheduled post:

Bunnies.  I know why a bunny is the figurehead for the commercialized Easter.  They are everywhere!  Little jackrabbits with white cottontails.  And Theo has become my little bunny hunter.  I always know when one is close by when I see his ears fly up.  And here's the thing. They are brave!  They don't fly off at the first jingle of Theo's collar.  They hold still, they wait, and when we're almost upon them, that's when they bolt.  This, of course, drives Theo crazy!  If he sees a bunny run somewhere far ahead of him, he watches with interest, but nothing more.  If a bunny bolts right in front of his face, his reaction is to bolt right after it.  It's like he can't help himself.  So it's like these little buggers are baiting him!  I can see it in their bunny eyes!  "A dog is coming!  Wait for it....wait for it....wait for it... RUN!  You're never gonna caaaaaaatch me!"

And did I mention they're everywhere?  My little bunny hunter has been on the prowl all through our walks the last few weeks.  Nevermind an Easter egg hunt, Theo is all about the Easter bunny hunt!


Kelly said...

Oh do I know bunnies! Gibson has chased way more than he should have through the neighborhood :P

The thing about them is that they just keep running! Squirrels are easy because they'll find the closest thing to them to run up, but stupid bunnies... :)

Kelly said...
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betty said...

sorry about your back, ouch!!

too cute about Theo; looks like he wants to be right where you are, so typical of a "kid"

too funny too about the bunnies, Koda is the same way. but because we don't let him off leash, those bunnies seem to know just how far he can go to lunge at them and they tend to stay just out of his reach. He's always alert on bunny and bird duty for the backyard. Birds tease him too. They wait until he gets right to them then they fly away. He'll never learn


peglow said...

While it may seem as if the bunnies are teasing Theo, I can tell you from frequent bunny contact that they're not. When they sense a threat, their first instinct is to freeze and hope you don't see them. I think this is a natural behavior because so many of their natural enemies are large birds who WILL see them if they run. They take off hopping only when you get close. This observation comes from frequently almost stumbling over them when I go out to get the newspaper in the morning.

Whosyergurl said...

aw, I'm sorry about your back! Chelsea puts her chin on my keyboard and then nudges me to pet her.
Does Theo ever CATCH a bunny? YIKES!
Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about your back! It happened to me when I was pregnant and it was totally debilitating. Sorry!

And sounds like your bunnies are just like our squirrels here- taunting Bryson is their JOB. It's like they know he's on leash and he can't get to them. The big fat ones are especially nasty, they'll actually come closer and closer and stare at him like saying "nah nah nah nah nah~". But the sad thing is Bryson's a total pavlov dog when it comes to squirrel chasing, there's just no stopping him. Sometimes he'll lunge so fast that his backside will swing out in front of him *sigh*.

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