Monday, September 13, 2010

An Update On The Wobbler

So the Kong Wobbler is gone from our house.  You know, the one Theo found to be both fascinating and terrible?  But don't be sad.  It's in a far, far better place now - a house with a dog that isn't a total chicken, of course!  It was fate.  I had just finished posting my review when one of my Facebook friends, an old college professor of mine, actually mentioned in her status update that she wanted a Kong Wobbler for her dog, Owen. I had planned on giving the Wobbler to one of my Corgi friends, but this was just meant to be!  Here I was, in possession of a Wobbler, and here she was, in want of a Wobbler.  So I left her a comment saying I happened to have one to give her, and a few days later, I stopped by her house to drop it off.

She has two dogs, small rescues of an unidentifiable breed.  Chihuahua-Terrior mixes maybe of about 15 pounds.  She was also playing host to a gigantic black lab (she was energetic, clumsy, and completely adorable), who she said was quite the regular in her house.  All three dogs took their turn with the Wobbler with no fights and no issues.  And all three dogs managed to knock it around to get their delicious treat reward.  Remember how big the Wobbler was?  At one point the lab tried to get the whole thing in her mouth - she almost did it to!  it was kind of fascinating.  Even when the treats were gone, they just kept playing with it, batting it around and watching it wobble.

I left happy, knowing that the toy had found a good home.  My friend emailed me the next day saying that Owen had happily played with the Wobbler the entire rest of the day, and even curled up next to it to take a nap when he got tired.  How cute!

You might think that such a selfless deed might drum up my own good karma, eh?  Well as soon as we got back in the car to drive home, the check engine light came on.  Something had broken that ended up being very expensive to fix.  Naturally. :)


Kelly said...

I'm glad it found a good home, but booo for your car problems :(

JulieandCaleb said...

Ooooh noooo, I hate car problems. Whenever something goes wrong with my truck I always think it is THE WORST THING EVER!

But YAAAAY for happy dogs enjoying their new toy!

Laurie said...

Awww yeah, I thought the Wobbler was cool, but I'm pretty sure Sadie would be scared of it, too. She is weary of stuff like that lol. But glad it found a new home! Sorry about your car problems though, ugh!

Bert said...

It's really great to hear that the Wobbler has found a new home with plenty of new friends to play with it. Really sorry that after your good deed you ended up with costly car problems. Never a happy situation.

Nike pas cher said...

YAAAAY for happy dogs enjoying their new toy!

Unknown said...

So very sweet. But, so sad to hear of the car problems. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Hope your car problems are long gone.

Anonymous said...

if theo's crate is outside your bedroom door, does he hear or get upset when you guys are intimate? Just wondering, I know other dogs do that.

Anonymous said...

are these puppies playing or too aggressive?

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