Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

My husband and I decided we were ready for a dog on Thanksgiving Day of last year. We decided on a Pembroke Welsh Corgi by January. And we had chosen a breeder and sent a deposit by March. Since then I've just been playing the waiting game. The litter I have a deposit on is due in November, which means I have to wait until December/January to take home my puppy. So basically I'll have waited over a year before I actually get to hug my puppy for the first time. It's no wonder I'm an obsessive, impatient mess! The months between March and August have been torture! It was too soon to really plan for the puppy.

I feel like now is finally the time to start planning. It's getting toward the end of the year. Ok, maybe I'm also just being impatient. I've gotten some books, which I plan to review when I get a chance. I'm going to start researching things like doggy gates, and where I'll need them. I'll need to plan on puppy proofing some areas of the house. This is really stupid, but the thing that has gotten me the most excited about getting ready for the puppy is talking to our gardener about putting in grass in our backyard. I guess it's because it's the first tangible puppy-related thing we're doing. Our backyard in concrete, but one side of our house is just filled with loose rocks. We're going to pull out the rocks, run our irrigation system from the front of the house to that side, and put in grass. It's not anything big, but there'll at least be an area for puppy to run, play, and poop outside.

I can't wait until the puppies are born and I can email the breeder everyday to ask about the puppies, or for new pictures of the litter and updates on the personality of each puppy. At this point I'm so tired of waiting that anything new is exciting. I think the next big bit of news will be when doggy momma gets pregnant, which is supposed to be happening next month. I can't wait!

Update: I just talked to the breeder, and she said her puppy mamma won't be in heat until the end of September. Dog's have a 2 month gestation time (pregnancy), so that means the puppies won't be born until the end of November, and that's if everything goes well. Ugh. I was thinking it would be more the end of August, beginning of September. The breeder said she told her puppy mamma to have an extra special puppy for me, since I've waiting so long. Awwwww.

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