Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back To Puppies

Alright, in the spirit of getting back to the blog at hand, I've gotten some more news on the two puppies my breeder has from her latest litter. First off, she still has them, which is too bad for them, but possibly good for me.

To the right is little puppy Taylor. Isn't he just the cutest little guy you've ever seen!? Look at those big floppy ears that look like they've got black eye liner around the rim. Hehe. Look at that "I didn't do it" face. He looks like a little trouble maker!

Ugh, this picture just melts my heart. The breeder describes Taylor as a "ham" and a talker. I don't think my husband particularly wants a talker, but that's not such a bad thing if we fit in every other aspect.

I haven't heard anything back yet from the breeder about their mother, and the other questions I asked. Until I hear back about that, and until it gets closer to a time we could actually take a puppy home, I'm still not getting my hopes up...well at least not too much. I do admit to checking on airfare to Oklahoma! Hehe.

Oh, and to the left is Ranger, puppy number two. The breeder is actually recommending this puppy for us, based on the type of puppy we're looking for. He's described as more laid back. He's also a tank! Just look at him! Hehe.

Based on looks alone, I like Taylor better, but they're both adorable. And, of course, neither of them will be for me until I hear more about their mother and a plan for their development.

I'll keep you posted. I don't expect to have any decisions made until it gets closer to Thanksgiving. Oh, I wish this month were over already!


Lynn said...

Oh man! They're both so cute! I hope you hear from the breeder about the mom soon!

Sam Tsang said...

I agree with you, just looking from the photos? I would pick Taylor as well, but I also love the laid back personality.

Heather said...

Oh boy, they're both adorable! Puppy pics always do me in.

Spectater said...

they both ARE adorable and i would totally let them both get their dog slobber all over my face. but i think the breeder prob knows which one would be best for you personality-wise, right? and isn't that what ultimately matters in the long run? cute only goes so far when they're chewing on your furniture.

JuLo said...

Well the breeder is recommending Ranger for us, I think, because he's more laid back, which is what we asked for. But if Taylor is more energetic, that doesn't mean we wouldn't get along if he has the other qualities we want to.

This is partly why I'm so undecided about going to there to meet them for myself. I trust the breeder to a degree. I mean, she doesn't really know me, she only knows what I asked for. What if I'm wrong?

I think if they're both still there after Thanksgiving, I'll fly out there and meet them myself. Of course, I'll probably fly out there even if just one is left. I want to make sure I get a puppy that's a good fit. :)

Spectater said...

personally, i'd love a laid back kind of dog. but that's just me.