Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Guess I'll Keep Waiting...

So I laid my cards on the table in an email to my breeder last night. I had been sprinkling in questions about when she was going to be breeding my puppy mamma in several emails, and she avoided the question each time. This time I said "Look, when we first spoke you said you were planning for a November litter. Now I know these things can't be exactly timed, but November is next month and I haven't heard anything from you. Is she pregnant? Is this litter happening? I just want to know what's going on and what to plan for."

Apparently that did the trick because this time she responded to me (plus I think she just didn't have anything to report the times before). My puppy mamma's cycle came later than expected, and she's not going to be ready for breeding until next week. That means I'm looking at a mid-December litter, which is about a month and a half later than I was hoping for.

She added she has two male puppies available from a litter one of her other dogs had last month. Husband and I discussed it, and while rash JuLo wanted to just go ahead and get one of those two boys, practical JuLo said it would be better to wait. We're not set up for a puppy yet, and these guys will be ready for their forever homes in just a few weeks! Our fence is still broken, we haven't shopped for anything, and I still have 20 million books to read. Plus, we have plans to travel for Thanksgiving, and I really don't think a 3 month old puppy would be the ideal house guest for my parents. Not to mention if we wait, we'll get first pick of the litter. So practical JuLo won the argument and we decided to wait.

So while it's nice to think that I'll be getting a puppy for Valentine's Day. I'm not looking forward to more waiting...


Jenna Z said...

Oh, what a terrible trial it is to endure!

Lynn said...

Waiting takes forever! I just got put on a waiting list for a litter of corgi puppies, and they're waiting to see if the dam "caught". So I guess that means I'll find out next week when the vet checks as to whether she's pregnant or not. October feels like it's been the longest month ever! Good choice with the waiting, and a valentine's day puppy will be ever more spoiled... :P

JuLo said...

Aww, thanks for the support! It is hard to endure! Hehe.

And that's true! What if she doesn't even get pregnant!? Well I'll deal with that when I have to. I think that's the point when I'll start looking into another breeder, but I really don't want to!

I admit it. When I thought about bringing home a puppy in just a few weeks my first thought was "I haven't bought any stuff yet! How are we going to have a puppy with no stuff?" Hehe. I fully admit to being materialistic!

Ivy & Bryson said...

Boy, that must be a tough decision. But I think you made the right choice in waiting. We brought Bryson home during the holiday last year, and not only was it crazy hectic, it made me feel so guilty when we had to leave him just a few days after we got him... Not the smartest thing to do in hind sight. We had a total of 2 weeks when we first learned Bryson was available to the day we brought him home.

And I know what you mean about feeling the need to get all the right "stuff" so the puppy can come to a well-prepared home. But what's gonna happen is you'll probably experiment with a couple things, some of them may work, some may not, and you'll be adjusting (aka buying more new stuff) according to the need of your puppy. So don't invest in a really fancy bed and stuff like that until you figure out what his/her preferences are. I know there are so many cute puppy stuff out there it's hard to resist. Put on your logical hat! And good luck with this round of breeding attempt!

JuLo said...

Hey Ivy, thanks for the tip! I figure the minimum stuff I need is the following:

*puppy pads
*a pen-type thing to keep puppy contained when we have to leave the house for longer than we're comfortable crating him/her for
*food and water dishes
*food and water (:p)

I figure those are the basics, along with things like a grooming brush, shampoo, more toys, etc. Any blaring holes?

I'll take my husband shopping with me, so he can be my voice of reason. Hehe.

Hopefully I'll find out in a few weeks whether we're pregnant...and by "we" I mean the dog. ;)