Monday, March 31, 2008

First Boot

Theo threw up for the first time yesterday. Nothing to be alarmed about. Apparently his breakfast was extra yummy yesterday because he wolfed it down so fast that it promptly came back up! This is the first time Theo has thrown up with me. He's never gotten sick in the car, or anywhere else, thankfully. I gently rubbed his side after I let him out of his crate (remember I've mentioned before that I feed him in his crate), and felt a big rumble in his tummy. Two seconds later he walked onto his bed and upchucked his breakfast. Yuck! He had a look on his face like "what just happened!?" that was so freaking cute I wanted to die. Then he sniffed it, wondering if it was something he could eat, and then he seemed to be over it and walked away. I'm fairly certain he just ate too fast because he's been fine otherwise since then. Also, it didn't hurt his appetite. As soon as he had emptied his stomach, he was ready to fill it again. He never begs for food after he's eaten, but after he threw up he was giving me the same "I'm dying of hunger" look he gives me right before I've fed him. I figure since his appetite was intact, he was definitely ok. Hehe. Poor little thing.


Manda Girl said...

Those "firsts" are always precious. Like the first time Meimei farted.... she was as surprised as we were!!

JuLo said...

Hahaha! Yeah, I haven't gotten to experience that one yet. Puppies are so cute! :)