Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still Learning New Things

I know it's been two weeks and I haven't been posting hardly at all, let alone with the regularity I want to. Work has been crazy, Theo has been crazy. It's a busy time and I'll hopefully be able to post more about it this week. For now I'll just talk about one interesting piece of information I learned yesterday.

I consider myself to have done a fair amount of research on dogs. I've read endless articles online as well as a few books on how to raise puppies and dogs in general. And still, after all that, there's basic information I'm still missing out on. While talking to my mom yesterday I mentioned that Theo doesn't like being wet, so he never wants to be outside when it's rainy and wet and he didn't like his bath. She said that dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, so they feel cold more than we do. She also said that when we give Theo baths, we should make the water warm so that he doesn't get cold. How about that? No wonder he hated his bath. I was thinking he was a baby, and like human babies, if we made the water too warm, it would feel hot to him. It was obvious that he felt cold because he was shivering, so we decided to make it warmer the next time, but now I know why he was so cold.

I just can't believe that after all the information I've read on "bringing your puppy home" and "raising your puppy", no one bothered to mention such a basic thing! Unless someone tells me otherwise, I tend to think of things from a human perspective. I have no idea what the body temperature of a dog is. But now that I'm armed with this information, I think I can be a better puppy owner because of it. Thanks mom!


Lynn said...

You know, now that you mention it, I don't think that was in any of the books I read either. They do mention that you should have a thermometer so you can give a quick reading to your vet, but they don't give a temperature. I guess that is something that I have taken for granted growing up with dogs. There are definitely things with Lucy that I had never experienced before (hiccups) and it is SO nice to have dog people around (both in real life and in blog life) to discuss it with.

JuLo said...

It certainly is nice to have dog people around! The hiccups thing is a great example. Theo is still doing it when he gets excited or eats too fast. I'm glad to know that it doesn't mean he's dying or anything.