Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's High Time

We were in Reno this week visiting my parents. In a plan only my mother could come up with, we drove up to Reno last Friday. Saturday morning Husband and I flew from Reno up to Seattle to spend the weekend with Husband's parents and some extended family for the Labor Day weekend. Monday we flew back to Reno and spent the rest of the week with my parents. We're leaving tomorrow morning after the balloon festival. My mom came up with it when I was trying to work out visiting them and Husband's parents in the same time period without boarding Theo a lot.

So my parents dog-sat for us while we were in Seattle. I was worried because Theo is my baby! But I wasn't worried because while my parents have never had a dog while I was alive, they have both been dog owners in the past. They knew what they were doing. And Theo was definitely a happy dog while I was gone. He loves my dad. My mom said, while I was gone, when she would let Theo out of his crate, and he would go lay down in front of their bedroom door and wait for my dad to get up. So funny.

This area has coyotes, so we had to be very careful while walking him at night. It was uneventful for the most part, but there were a few incidents. One night we heard 4 or 5 coyotes all howling and having a gay old time. I didn't stick around to find out what they were so excited about, just in case Theo was what they had their eyes on. He does look like a super-sized bunny, their main staple, after all! And last night Theo almost walked right over a scorpion. My parents said they've never seen a scorpion here, so of course, I found one. Heh.

I think Theo is going to be sad to leave tomorrow, especially since there's a very long car ride involved!

Happy September everyone!

PS: I know I've been blogging a lot about agility. I believe last I updated, I said that we were taking a break from agility. I meant for it to just be one session...but I found out last week that I'm getting laid off from my job. Boo! I know. D: So we'll be cutting back on things like agility classes starting now, and doggy daycare if I don't find another job before my 60 days is up. Wish me luck because I know Theo will definitely miss his doggy daycare buddies!


a corgi said...

sorry about the job; unfortunately its the sign of the times, isn't it? hope you find something as soon as you can

cute idea of your mom's to incorporate the 2 visits together and for her to dog-sit for you guys. From what you were saying, I'm sure Theo was "the king" while he was there and while you guys were in Seattle

safe travels!!

I think Theo will enjoy having you home with him; you'll have to see if you can arrange play dates for him :)


Kelly said...

Maybe since you are home Theo won't really miss day care.. I know on weekends and such, Gibson gets so exhausted just watching me throughout the day :) Let's hope that he can go back there soon though!! Good luck on the job hunt!!

Dances with Corgis said...

Hope all is well and things are looking up on the job front.

a corgi said...

hey, just stopped in to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and Theo for making Kelly's corgi calendar!! such a cute picture of Theo; he will be a good start to the year 2010!!!!!

congrats again :)

hope everything is going okay and you were able to find another job


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