Monday, December 7, 2009

He Keeps Going...And Going...

Did you guys miss the list updates I used to do. I did, so I brought the list back.
  1. I took Theo on a 6.5 mile hike yesterday, hoping it would mean a few hours of peace and quiet (and a break from playing fetch!). Theo is a gosh darn work horse! He powered through the whole thing without even needing to take a break! I made him stop for a water break twice, but he was content to keep pushing forward. The minute we walked in the door when we got home he went and found a toy for me to throw. Oiy. A friend made reference to the Energizer Bunny. Very appropriate.
  2. Husband thinks the only time Theo ever gets tired is when he's hot. Yesterday it was cold and cloudy. Maybe that was my problem.
  3. Husband is out of town for work for the next 2 weeks. He left yesterday morning. Last night Theo was definitely missing him. Not only was he totally snuggly on the couch, but he was actually letting me hug him. Theo doesn't do hugging. Poor guy, it's going to be a long 2 weeks for him.
  4. I can add windshield wipers to the long list of things Theo is afraid of. He kept trying to worm his way into my lap while I was driving him to doggy daycare this morning. I compromised by letting him rest his chin on my knee. My heart may have melted...just a little bit.
  5. It was raining this morning, much to Theo's dismay. He refused to stay outside long enough to pee. Hopefully it's not pouring tomorrow morning, since I usually take him for a run on the non-doggy daycare days. I don't think the rain coat I bought last year fits him anymore. Darn.
  6. There's a couple of women we used to see on our nightly walks and they would love all over Theo when he was younger, but we went probably a 6 month stretch without seeing them. We saw them last night. Theo was in heaven. Dogs really do have longer memories than we give them credit for sometimes.
  7. With Husband out of town until basically right before Christmas, that means it's just me and the pup decorating the house for the holidays. Should be a cozy affair. I can't wait to hang Theo's poop ornament from last year.

And as the holiday season nears full swing, remember your canine holiday safety! much consists of not letting your dog near poinsettias (they're poison!), and not letting your dog drink the water from your Christmas tree stand if you mix any kind of tree preservative with the water (it's poison!). Remember Bryson's experience with that last year.

Update: If you're wondering about the dog poop ornament I mentioned, it looks just like this one.


Whosyergurl said...

Poop ornament?

JuLo said...

Yeah, I mentioned it last year:

It's a ceramic ornament that's a literally a pile of poop with some festive snow glitter on top. They were selling it at the place I take him for doggy daycare, and I just loved it.

It's a way to represent Theo on the Christmas tree with a bit of whimsy. I'm all about whimsy.

Aj said...

Ein's afraid of windshield wipers too. When it goes off, he does the cutest thing ever; he immediately sticks his head in between my arm and waist and stays there until it's safe to come back out. :D

When I read "poop ornament", my response was the same as whosyergurl's lol

betty said...

we did get tons of rain today, didn't we? I'm amazed Theo could do that 6.5 mile run and then still want to play! good for both of you! so sorry hubby will be gone for 2 weeks; you are going to have one pouty sad pooch soon


Freya's Human said...

Freya is a lot like Theo. She isn't a cuddly dog unless it is on her terms and if you try to cuddle her at any time she gets angry and sits as far away as possible. She's also a little energizer bunny.

Good luck with decorating for the holiday.

peglow said...

Poop?? That's what you're talking about after we gave you an ornament with a beautiful portrait of Theo? WTF?

JuLo said...

Oh snap! That's right! Well we got that AFTER we decorated the tree last year, so I forgot about it. I would have remembered this weekend, when I pull all the ornaments out of the closet. Don't worry, I'm excited to hang that one too, Mom! ;)

But it is a poop ornament. ;p

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Ha! I can see Theo the Energizer Corgi :) And glad that Bryson's horrible near-death-poisoning incident serves as a cautionary tale for everyone!

Its ME said...

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Its ME said...

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~Kaly said...

I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I love it! It's inspired me to get mine going for the new year :) Toby LOVES barking at the wipers... but only when they swoosh across the windshield. So, the barks come faster or slower depending on the speed, hehe. It's very cute.

Dog Ballet said...

Cute dog. i have a corgi mix and can totally relate to the whole energy thing. but the poop ornament. is that made out of real poop? yuck!!

JuLo said...

Kaly, welcome! That sounds adorable!

Dog lover, um no. It's ceramic. lol.