Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Holiday Madness Slump

*taps mic*

Hello? Anyone still in the room?

I did the same thing last year. Apparently the holidays get me so aflutter that I just can't find the time to sit and capture the moments that are going on all around me! I've holidayed, festivated (I just decided that should be a word), detoxed, and retoxed a bit. And now I'm back in the game. I've missed telling you about so much, that it'll take awhile to catch up. But catch up we will!

First off, in my quiet absence, Theo turned 2 years old! My little guy is officially an adult! I can't believe it's been two years. It went by so quickly, but at the same time it feels like we've always had him. Being a dog owner has been everything I hoped it would be and more, so rewarding. I couldn't have wished for a better dog. Part of the reason for my delay was that I wanted to post a pick of Mr. 2 years old, since I know it's been awhile. But, well, it just hasn't worked out so far. I've got some pretty terrible pics of him sporting his new raincoat, a Christmas present from his fur-auntie! Theo has decided he will no longer tolerate having his picture taken, and promptly leaves the room whenever I pull out the camera, whether I aim it at him or not. Hmph! Resolution for 2010, take more pictures of the dog, whether he wants to or not!

Second, as I noted before, Theo is Mr. January. Hey, guess what!? It's January!!! So for all those with a Corgi Blogs 2010 calendar, you're getting to enjoy my boy's mug for the whole long month! Of course, if you're related to me, say, sororitorily (another word that should be a word), or parentally, umm, you don't have one yet...because they're sitting in my house waiting for me to mail to you (because Cafe Press was LAME and took FOREVER sending me my order, so they didn't make it into your Chanamus packages!)...which I haven't had time to do...because I'm lame....OMG, I am so lame. But you know what? In 2010, every month can be January for you. And you're well used to my flakey lameness by now, and love me anyway, because we're family and you have to. Ha!

Second and a half, as Mr. January, Theo is the star of Kelly's latest post on Corgi Butts! Hello cutie! I really like what Kelly has done for the Corgi blogging community. We were always a tight-knit group, but now the word is out. I look forward to seeing other blogs featured over the months, and seeing what she comes up with next year! (read: please do this again next year, Kelly!)

Third, Theo is doing great. We had a fun Christmas with Husband's parents and Rex. But that's another post. Because I have a lot to say on the matter. I'll just say Theo enjoyed the extended pack while we had it, and was a bit bummed when it was just the three of us again. I'm glad he's back in doggy daycare because he was pretty bored hanging out at home all day while Husband and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to get things done while we had the break from work. Another resolution for 2010, find a way to give Theo more outlets for his mind and body. Sure, he gets plenty of exercise right now, but I've definitely been neglecting him a bit. Sure, I play lots of fetch with him, but my attention is usually elsewhere when I do it.

The question is what to do. I'm not ready to go back to agility...it was just too crazy. He really enjoys the dog park...for all of 5 minutes, and then usually just lays down by my feet and waits to leave. He enjoys it more when other Corgis are there, but I haven't been making it to the meetups. So step 1 is to make it to more Corgi meetups. Step 2, I'm thinking maybe some doggy play dates? I could invite Bailey the Beagle and Casey the Corgi (and Sophie, Casey's sister, who thinks she's a Corgi, but really is a long legged Shepherd mix) over for some fun, oh ok, and their owners too, who I actually like a lot. I'm not a very social person, especially having people over, which compulsively stresses me out for reasons unknown to me, but I just need to suck it up. For Theo's sake. Also, more hikes! Preferably before the weather turns sweltering.

Anyone have ideas on how I can be a better Corgi owner in 2010? What fun things do you have planned for you furkid this year?


Jenna Z said...

Rally! It's like agility without the crazy running around! I find that working the brain wears out a dog just as much as working their body. APDT Rally (harder than AKC) incorporates some agility (jumps must be done at least 3-6 feet from handler) and level three includes advanced obedience exercises like directed jumping and retrieves.

Kelly said...

Oh no! I'm sorry the calendars did not make it to you before Christmas :( Ugh, I feel bad :(

I will definitely be doing this again this year! I already am thinking of new cover and design ideas!

Rally was pretty fun, but I wasn't very happy w/the instructor I had for it. She made it way to serious, like everyone there was trying to do AKC Rally Competitions... But maybe if you found a more laid back class Theo would enjoy it? :)

Oh and you can post the bad pictures of Theo too! :)

JuLo said...

Jenna, thanks for the suggestion! I might just look into it. The woman who runs our doggy daycare does a Rally class, but they're on weeknights, and that's part of my problem. I'm too exhausted in the middle of the week, and it's cold, and dinner for both of us is problematic. So I might look for a weekend class!

Kelly, I'm fairly certain it's completely my own fault. I waited too long to order the calendars. They ended up shipping within the time frame listed (the last day! oiy!). I'm just annoyed with Cafe Press because they didn't send me any ship notification, so I had no idea where it was or when it was coming. No biggie.

Hehe. I will post some pics of Theo, just as soon as my husband gives me my laptop back! He just downloaded the Beta for Star Trek Online today, so I'm thinking it's not happening anytime soon. :(

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

I was gonna say rally too, but yeah, weeknight classes are a drag. Bryson also tried tracking classes (with 3 other herding dogs and a lab, you know how it ended!), but still he had a lot of fun coz lots of treats are involved. Of course we also tried herding, you know what happened... Not sure if you have any herding instinct tests nearby, even if you're not into it, it's kinda fun to watch them (or someone else's corgis, in our case) in action :)