Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I'm thankful for my husband agreeing to finally get a dog. I'm thankful we decided on a great breed, and I was able to find a breeder. I'm thankful that my puppy mama is pregnant and will be having her puppies next month. I'm thankful that there are other Corgi owners out there who read my little blog and give me some great advice. I hope you all have a good holiday, and as a cashier at Stein Mart told me yesterday, don't drink and drive!


Lynn said...

Yay! I hope you had a great thanksgiving, and I'm so happy for you that your corgi mama is pregnant!

Ivy and Bryson said...

Hope you had a great T-day! And so glad to hear about the pregnancy too! So when's the due date? And how soon can you go check out the pups? Sooo excited for you guys!

JuLo said...

Thank you both! I had a great T-day, though it would have been tons more fun with a puppy running around. :p

My puppy mamma's due date is December 15th, or thereabouts. I'm going to talk with the breeder about when a good time to come and check out the pups would be. My guess it would either be around 6 weeks, or at 8-10 weeks and I'll just take the puppy home with me.

I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving too. :)