Tuesday, May 27, 2008


PS: When you tucker out your dog to the point where he's too tired to even eat, there are consequences. Namely, if you let your dog sleep all day, then he's most likely not going to sleep through the whole night too.

Theo used to let out a few quiet cries when he wanted to be let of his crate in the morning. Lately, he's discovered that a loud bark carries his point across much more efficiently. Somehow he learned that while quiet cries are easily ignored, and mommy can easily fall back asleep for 10-15 minutes before actually letting him out, a loud bark gets her out of bed in a quarter of the time. Damn, I've been trained by my dog!

The circumstances described in the two paragraphs above combined to an incident this morning in which Theo started barking to be let out of his crate at 4:00 this morning. Ack!


Lynn said...

Haha oh no! Fred (Lucy's houseguest) doesn't bark or whine in the morning to be let out, but wags his tail so hard that it thumps loudly against the crate. We've been getting up between 6 and 7 every morning.. I hope Lucy doesn't learn to wake up this early on a normal basis, and I'm glad she doesn't have a tail!

JuLo said...

Man, Lucy doesn't wake you up at 6:30 every morning? She and Theo need to hang out so she can teach him to sleep in!

K.Rose said...

Yea. Sophie usually sleeps a lot after I get back from the ranch. My mother's springer spaniel, Hudson really does give Sophie a run for her money.

That Springer has almost an endless amount of energy and he can dominate poor old Sophie quite easily.

She is usually relieved to be away from Hudson. He is just so overburdening and huge. He is always of the "Play" personae that I have to separate the both of them otherwise Sophie will get annoyed and a fight will break out.

Sophie usually is OK about getting me up at 6 am ish to go out to use the restroom.

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