Sunday, May 25, 2008

Theo The Hiker

One of the things I love about having a dog is that Theo inspires me to get out of the house and do all the things that I've thought about doing the last few years but never got off my butt to do. Lately I've been actually meeting some of my neighbors now that I'm walking around the neighborhood twice a day. I've lived in my house for four years now, and I'm just now meeting the neighbors. What can I say? I'm shy and previously was never home. :p

Our latest enjoyment is the park right by our house. There are some gorgeous walking trails that go up in the hills and along the lake. The lake was actually dried up the first year we lived here, but one rainy winter cleared that right up. Now the lake is beautiful and since the fires last year took out all the brush in the area, the trails are actually walkable (they were a bit overgrown before). I walked the trails a couple times when I first moved into my house, but I hadn't been there in years, which is pathetic because they're only about a mile from my house. A few weeks ago we decided to take Theo there and all three of us had a blast! And blast me for not remembering my camera that day! I'm going to try and take him again next weekend, with the new camera in tow. The trail we took was about a mile and half (at least that's what Husband claims, it felt more like two miles to me!), and Theo almost walked the whole thing on a scorching hot day. In the middle he plopped down under a bush and wouldn't move for the world. He was more than happy when I carried him part of the way, though. Hehe. One thing I hope I can get a picture of are the half-burned cacti along the trails. They are half melted into these grotesque shapes, and to me they are as interesting to look at as art pieces in a museum.

I think one of our next endeavors will be one of the dog beaches in my area. Theo doesn't like baths or rain or wet ground, but I still wouldn't be surprised if he ends up liking swimming! I encourage anyone stuck in a rut to get out and do something fun with their dog(s) this summer! I've noticed that since I've been active with Theo, I've been more active with myself too. I've been getting out and doing more fun things, seeing more friends. Life is just better with a dog!


flanthrower said...

Yeah, i gotta say that this is perhaps one of the main reasons I want a dog. I know it would get me outside and walking at least twice a day. Think that would be really good for me since I'm always stuck at my desk.

JuLo said...

Ah, flanthrower, you and I are kindred spirits. It takes a secure person to admit to wanting a dog just so they will be forced to exercise...and I am one of them! I mean, there were other reasons involved, of course, but before I got Theo there were days I would sigh to myself and dream of the days to come when I would be magically active, thin, and in shape thanks to my dog. It hasn't quite worked out that way, but walking him definitely isn't a chore either! And he's a great excuse to get me away from work and at home or out and about.

K.Rose said...

Corgis are usually swimmers. They like to be in the water for the most part.

Sophie (My 3 year old female corgi) at first does that same intitial reactiong of "What? A BATH! Noooooooooooo!" and proceeds to try to escape from me in my apartment.

By the time, I got her in the tub. She actually likes the warm water and sits down in it and the part she loves the best is being towel dried. I try my best to make it a game to her.

As for Theo's great effort, That trail was a perfect idea. Why? Because you could burn him out and by the time you got home. He would look at you with, "Oh wow, I am really tired. I am gonna crash, Mom. " Then he will just sleep for a good couple of hours completely undisturbed.

JuLo said...

I read that Corgis like to swim, but Theo hates his bath from start to finish. He tolerates the towel drying, but he definitely doesn't enjoy it. A typical little boy. :p

I hear you on the burn out (see my next post). It's so nice to spend a few hours together, and when he's nice and burned out I can spend the rest of the day doing non-dog things.