Friday, December 7, 2007

Introducing The Puppy Daddy

It has recently been brought to my attention that I never posted any pictures of my puppy daddy! This isn't entirely true if you've read through my non-dog blog, as I've posted the pic to the left once before. You might also recognize it from the one of the pictures in the blog title. :)

This guy is Dawson, my puppy daddy. The top left picture is of Dawson as a puppy, and it is one of the cutest pictures of a Corgi I've ever seen. He just looks so adorable and happy, and his coloring is amazing! The other two pictures are Dawson as he is now: all grown up and gorgeous.


Lynn said...

Oh wow! He is beautiful! You are right, his coloring is amazing. Only 10 more days! I can't wait to see the puppies!!

JuLo said...

I know! I'm kinda bummed that breeding him with my puppy mama most likely will result in only red and white puppies (I'm like 75% certain). Nothing against red and white coloring, I just think he is such a gorgeous tri. But that's ok, they'll be beautiful puppies, I'm sure. :)