Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Puppy Pictures, Sad News

So there's good news and bad news regarding the puppies. The bad news is that the breeder lost two of the male puppies. She said it's always harder with big litters. They were just too small. It's very sad.

But on a good note, the puppies had their tails docked yesterday, so the breeder was able to take individual pictures of the puppies. And good news for you, here they are!







Dolly is going to be staying with the breeder. Based on these pictures alone, I think Theodore is gorgeous. I love his collar, and the blaze on his head, and that little patch of brown in between. Hehe. He looks like a Bowser.

I mentioned in my last post about names that Husband liked the name Bowser. I was kind of joking when I first suggested it, but since then it's grown on us. I think if we get a boy, he's going to be Bowser. What do you think? I can't wait until Halloween. We can dress him up with a red mohawk and spikes. Hehe.

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