Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some Education

I just showed my co-worker, who I like to call Mouth, the picture of the puppies. His reaction was "they're brown!"

Yes, red and white puppies are brown when they're puppies. They develop their orange color over time. When you bring home an 8-10 week old puppy, s/he should have a brownish, slightly orange-ish color. Some corgis you see at the pet store look orange as young puppies. That's because they've somehow bred them this way, and from I hear it's a bad thing. Don't be put off, your puppy will get that gorgeous coloring soon enough.

He then asked me "which one is yours? Don't you get first pick of the litter?"

Oh Mouth, you can't choose a puppy that's only two days old! It's just a blob of fur at that point. Its features aren't developed yet, and certainly its personality hasn't fully developed yet. You have wait a few weeks before you can get a full sense, right? Besides that, I haven't been out to see them yet! No no no. I can't say which is mine yet.

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