Monday, December 31, 2007

The Reservations Are Made

It's official. I cleared the dates with the breeder and booked the travel. February 17th I will be returning from Oklahoma with my very first PWC puppy!!! That means I have a whole month and a half to (impatiently) wait. I know it will be the longest month and a half of my life. I'm already starting to have dreams that I'm there playing with six adorable puppies choosing my puppy to bring home.


Jenna Z said...

Ooh, it's all very exciting, that's not long to wait at all! I know this topic has come up before but they won't even be 10 weeks yet and the new code of ethics goes into effect January 1. Did you say she was a member of the PWCCA or not?

JuLo said...

They'll actually be over 9 weeks old on the 17th, I think, so it's pretty close to 10 weeks. But that's just because I suggested a date and she agreed. I don't believe she's a member of the PWCCA. She's not listed on their website anyway. When I see her, I'll ask her if she's going to change when she sends home puppies to 10 weeks.

Lynn said...

Oh wow, that is so soon! Definitely a Valentine's day puppy!