Monday, December 17, 2007

No News Is No News

Well as you can see from my counter at the right, today is the day. But not really. Puppy births (whelping) are like human births, you can't exactly time them. December 17th was just an estimate. Actually, the breeder's website now says December 18th, so I guess you can pretend the counter still has one more day. ;)

I've been thinking, and even if she does have her puppies today or tomorrow, I probably won't hear about it right away. I mean, the breeder is going to be busy with the puppies. She's not going to have time to email me. That kinda bums me out, but it's ok. I'll send her an email tomorrow or the next day asking about them.

I just hope she emails me before she updates her website. This summer she didn't update her website with the info that she had puppies until like a month after they were born! She best be emailing me some pics well before that!

Hold tight everyone. You'll know when I know!

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