Monday, February 11, 2008

Breeder's Tips

My wonderful breeder just sent me an email with some good, basic tips for the puppy. I know most of them, since I've done tons of research, but I still love that she sent this out. Check it out and let me know if there's anything in here you think is bogus, or right on.

Tips for Your new Bundle of Puppy Breath!

Don’t let puppy potty or play in ANY public places until he has had at least one or two more series of vaccinations. Also be careful about letting him play with other puppies who may not of had vaccinations. I don’t take them on public walkways or parks until at least 3 months old. Carry them into stores or vet office and don’t put them down on the ground. Sounds harsh but puppy disease are everywhere and so easy to pick up the germs. Be extra careful and bypass rest stops and public areas when traveling, let puppy potty in a box with paper or go to a remote location or even somewhere like a shopping center where a lot of dogs have not been.

I will send some of his food home with you and also a blanket or toy that all his littermates have played with so her has their scent on it.

I use a cat box full of "Woody Pet" or newspaper for a potty box.

You can use puppy pads on top of newspaper but I find they just chew up the pads!I

I also insist on my own puppies sleeping in a crate at night, you can set it by your bed and put your fingers in the front to let her know you are there.

Also use the crate when you aren't able to keep an eye on them.

A puppy can only hold it for about 4-6 hours and will not be reliably house broke before 4 months old.

Try to set a feeding schedule three times a day and gradually stretch it out to two times per day.

Exercise pens are perfect to set up in the house for times you are gone more than a few hours. You can put the crate and the potty box in the pen.

A crate is a safe place for the puppy and also gives her a "get away spot" :o)

Puppies require a LOT of sleep. Hard to believe isn"t it?

I would suggest buying her a good quality puppy kibble food or an adult kibble that is of high quality. You can add a little warm water to soften the kibble and a bit of yogurt a few times a week. Canned food will give your puppy the runs so I avoid can foods and be sure NOT to add milk of any kind.

Buy a food that is convenient for you to get and has quality ingredients. You can email me to ask questions about different brands :o)

You can begin mixing the new food with what I send you after a day or two to get him adjusted over,.

If you get any loose stools just give her a tablespoon of canned pumpkin. Not the one with the spices in it though :o)

Dog foods:

Eukanuba is good, and Nutro, . These can be bought at Petsmart or a dog food store. Another excellent kibble is Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, and some grocery stores carry it. Our local Reasors has it and so does Atwoods, our farm store

I use puppy Eukanuba, for small breeds. I purchase it at our Southern Ag pet store..

You will receive a bag of puppy food and some coupons for more Eukanuba.

For treats and training I use only Bil Jac FROZEN dog food. It is wonderful! Most grocery stores have it.

Vaccines and Worming and flea control

IMPORTANT : She/he will have her 1st set of shots and needs the second set at 9 weeks old. Please give the second set at NINE and 1/2 weeks, it is so important to protect your puppy from diseases like parvo. The third set should be given three weeks later and then a fourth set can be given 3 weeks later, along with recommendation for rabies vaccine.

I use INTERCEPTOR for worms and heartworm protection.. It is a pill, and is given once every thirty days. The vets have them and some pet stores, also they can be purchased thru pet catalogs. Your puppy will be old enough for his first INTERCEPTOR pill at 8-12 weeks old. He has been wormed three times with NEMEX wormer. Ask your vet when he wants you to start the INTERCEPTOR. He may prefer to do a fecal and use a liquid wormer again until the puppy is older. I start mine on Interceptor at 10 weeks of age.

I use FRONTLINE PLUS for fleas and tickes. Works great! use every 30 days, It is a topical treatment. vets and catalogs have it.


Kongs are wonderful chew toys, stuffed with frozen Bil Jac and cream cheese or peanut butter.

Socks tied in knots are perfect for teething. You can even freeze one in the frig for bad teething days

Squeeky soft toys are great fun and so are any of the tough firehose toys. I don't like soft vinyl toys because they chew them up and swallow them so easy

NO rawhide chews, No pig ears, No greenies

MISC: I highly recommend puppy training classes at about 4-6 months of age. I will send you a gift card when you complete your first class ! Also you get a blog on the website!! Go Corgis

That's enough to get you started, more coming later!


Jenna Z said...

That all sounds awesome, almost exactly what we follow. We feed Nutro, use Interceptor and Frontline Plus, crate train. We don't give rawhide, greenies, or pigs ears. Excellent advice! I'm getting so excited for you!! I just posted on my blog about how antsy I'm getting to get out there in the yard and set up some rally courses and agility obstacles! Can't really do that with frozen ground and snow!

JuLo said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear you say so! This sounded like good advice to me too. Most of it I've read before, but I think it was really great of her to send it out. Since I'm probably far crazier than most people, it's good to know that other people are getting good advice they may not already know.

I hope the cold winter weather passes for you soon so you can enjoy your new backyard! You're so lucky! My backyard is tiny and concrete. Heh.