Monday, February 11, 2008

So Close I Can Taste It

Ew, that's just an expression. I'm not really tasting puppies right now.

It is now the week of the big event, hooray! I spent the weekend doing something I've been itching to do for over a month: unpacking the copious amounts of new dog-stuff I bought! I hadn't opened anything since I bought it, just in case I needed/wanted to return anything. Also, I guess I just didn't want to jinx anything.

I unpacked the pen and put it in the kitchen, with the crate and toys inside. I washed the food and water bowls. I cleaned the food storage container and filled it with the kibble I bought. I put the grooming and cleaning items in the bathroom. I took the tags off the leash and collar. I puppy-proofed the house by putting socket protectors on all the outlets around the house (there's like 3-4 in every room, so it took a while!), and putting a safety lock on the cabinet under the sink, which has some chemicals we don't want puppy getting into (the other house chemicals are up high and out of reach). It was such glorious fun!

Oh, did I mention that I have a really weird thing with things that are new? I'm the easiest person to buy presents for because I love new things, anything really. One might say I love to shop, but that's not true. I hate shopping. I just love buying. When I go to Office Depot and buy a box of pens, it's a bright spot in my day. Actually that's a bad example because on my list of things I love to buy, office supplies would probably be second to puppy supplies. Heh. I'm not addicted or anything. I don't spend all my money on buying things from the internets twenty times a day. My husband hasn't had to take away my credit cards. It's nothing like that. I've just always thought it was a weird thing to find happiness in, yet I do. That makes me the epitome of materialistic, right? Finding happiness in material things? Well that's me.

Anyway, that's why my weekend was so great. I got to play with my new dog things and get them all ready. While I was doing it, Husband kept laughing at me. When I demanded to know why he said it was because I just looked so happy. He left unsaid that it was doing such a simple, ordinary task that was making me so happy. Yes, I am a complete dork and I know it.

At least now all the house is missing is a puppy!


Manda Girl said...

Just a tip - if you are emptying out a bag of kibble into another container - be sure to keep the portion of the bag that has the UPC and/or expiry date on it. If puppy doesn't like the food, you could possible return it and if there is another recall (god forbid) you can safely check what he is eating.


JuLo said...

Hmm...sounds like very good advice. Of course, I can't follow it because I already threw away the bag! Heh. But we got a small bag, and it doesn't expire for like 3-4 months, so we should be fine. I remember the brand the kind (it was Wellness), so if there's another recall I should be able to check their website. That's good advice for next time though. :)