Monday, February 11, 2008

Pleasant Surprise! 8 Week Pictures

Sometimes I love to be wrong. The breeder just put up the puppies' 8 week pictures, and they are looking pretty darn cute. Judge for yourself:






Sorry, no Sally. She's probably either already been placed with her people, or she may just have been napping (it seems like each week there was one puppy left out).

I think Theodore has a different look from the rest of the puppies. I wish I could peak ahead and see how they would all look when they're adults. Hehe. To me, he looks very handsome. And I've always liked how he looks right at the camera. I actually think all the puppies came out looking quite well. If I had to decide now based on looks alone, I think I would have a much harder time of it.

Does anyone else notice a weird protrusion on Dolly's left front paw? It looks like her bone is growing in a bit wonky. I hope she doesn't have mobility problems!

There was also this bonus picture of Theodore:

There's a caption on the website that says "Waiting on my family to get me! They are flying in on an airplane just to pick me up, I must already be the most wonderful puppy ever!"

I know, part of me is barfing inside, but check it out! I got a mention! Of course, it also means the breeder is assuming I'm taking Theodore home with me. Probably a good assumption.


Lynn said...

Wow, they look adorable! This week must be going by so slowly for you!

JuLo said...

Well let's's been, what, 10 hours since I got up this morning?

*goes to look at watch*

4 hours?! That's it?? Oh it's an eternity!!! Hehe.

It doesn't help that every 10 minutes Mouth comes into my cube saying how excited he is. He's even taken over the countdown I have on my whiteboard!