Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Picture Update: 7 Weeks!

I finally got some new pictures of the puppies! Phew! That took forever! I ended up emailing the breeder and saying "it's been a few weeks since I've seen any new pictures. What's the dealio?" I also asked about the Volhand testing, since I never heard back about that either. She wrote back saying the testing didn't take place because, if I understand correctly, the other people who were supposed to do the test (because they have to be people the puppy doesn't already know) didn't show. Bastards. Ah well, I guess that means I'll have to do a little makeshift testing myself! She also said the reason there's been no pictures is that the batteries in her camera died. Boo! Well as long as they're here now.

They're 7 weeks old now. Can you believe it? I think this should be pretty close to how they look when we're there next weekend to pick him/her up. So drink 'em in and let me know what you think!

Without further ado, here's Sally:

and Theodore:

Comments welcome. :)


Lynn said...

Oh my. What little cutie pies. Both of them are SO cute.

Spectater said...

re: the name, you might want to keep in mind that if you end up calling him by a nickname, you'll prob have to call him teddy (if you go with theodore) b/c theo sounds too much like NO, which will confuse him.

JuLo said...

Hmm. You think Theee-o sounds like no? Interesting point... Well we'll just have to see how it goes. I like Teddy better than Theo anyway. ;)

Spectater said...

i've read that any names ending in O are generally a bad idea for that reason.

UNLESS you're not using the word NO when they're bad. like with jake we said "uh-uh." because you use the word "no" in normal conversation all the time and you don't want the dog to hear you saying NO about something else and think he did something wrong. so you could do theo and say uh-uh.


Ivy & Bryson said...

Whatever the name, I'm just so excited for you that one of these guys will be home with you soon!

BTW, I say "UGH UGGHHHH!" when I don't want Bryson to do something. It just seems to be the only sound that stops him in his track no matter what he's doing for whatever reason.

JuLo said...

Thanks! I'm excited too! Hehe. Uh-uh or UGH-UGHhhh, either way, I think I'll be going with that method. Though Husband wants to use "bad", which is much less common than "no", but I think I would be too tempted to say "no, bad", rather than just bad by itself. Hehe.