Monday, February 4, 2008

Dropped Some More Monies

The one thing I was able to accomplish this weekend (besides learning how to knit stripes!) was picking up the last few items we needed for the puppy. Besides the enzymatic carpet cleaner, we also got some kibble. I'm still doing home-cooked food, but Husband wants to do about 30% kibble because it helps clean the dog's teeth, and there's some added supplements that are good.

We also got a crate:

This size was recommended for dogs about the size of a Dachshund. We were going to just get the adult corgi size crate (I'm told 36" deep is a good size), but it was just so huge, we thought we'd have a hard time blocking off the back end. So we'll use this as an intermediate crate, then probably try donating it or something.

Per Husband's request, we also got one of these:

Yup, a pooper scooper. Apparently his highness is too good for poop. I rag on him now, but I'll probably be glad for this sooner enough.


Manda Girl said...

It's just my thinking but, kibble helping with teeth is a myth. Because of the sticky stuff that is on kibble to keep it nicely formed, it sticks to their teeth more than helps with plaque. Baby carrots, antler chews or cow knees/knuckles are better for teeth and chewing.

The pooper scooper will be key, especially after it rains...

Lynn said...

We have a couple crates, and both of them are about 30" long. They're HUGE. I'm actually thinking of getting a car crate that is a little smaller. We didn't end up getting a pooper scooper, but let me know if it's as wonderful as it seems!

JuLo said...

Hmm. Interesting, I never heard that before. Husband's parents did that with their dog. Maybe it depends on the type of kibble? Well either way, I plan on brushing puppy's teeth, so it was just a little something extra to help. :)

Hehe. I don't know how wonderful it is, but the pooper scooper should help with nasty poops I don't want to handle even through a bag. Heh. Gross.