Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pictures Of Theo!

I finally got my pictures uploaded to Flickr. Of course, that's not including the ones still on my camera. Hehe. You can check them out here, or click the badge on the right. Let me know what you think!

Theo is wonderful and I love him, but he is such a handful! The thing he loves most is cuddling (read: sleeping) with me on the couch, wrapped up in my favorite blanket. It's such a comfy couch he always goes right to sleep. It's the cutest thing! We've already gone through all our puppy pads. He'll go outside, but he pees like 2o times a day, so half the time he won't let me know he needs to go out, but at least he knows where to go. He's had a few accidents in the house, but nothing too major. He cries whenever I put him in his pen alone. He's fine as long as I'm with him, but as soon as I leave him (or go 5 feet away), he cries and eventually falls asleep. So far he hasn't been so great at playing by himself, even though he has plenty of toys, but he's getting better. I'm glad I'm working from home the next two weeks!

He went to the vet this week and got a shot (poor guy) and a clean bill of health (including poop!). He also met a bunch of new people. I had a few people over who wanted to meet him, and I took him over to a friend's house. He has 3 cats and it was hilarious to see the cats all bothered by a bounding puppy. They stayed away from him most of the night, except for one, who kept stalking him. It was hilarious. I've also got a bunch of people coming over tomorrow for a game night/meeting the puppy night. I think he'll be well socialized in no time!

I've got a question for all your dog owners (since I forgot to ask the vet). Theo, when he gets excited or stressed, has little convulsions in his belly, like a hiccup. Is that normal? It goes away as soon as he calms down, so I figured it's not anything major. Just wondering if anyone else's dog does this too.

Also, the vet told me something I thought was interesting. He said that it's okay to let Theo in public places, like around the neighborhood. That surprised me because you always hear that you shouldn't let puppies in public places until they're fully vaccinated. But he made a good point. Unvaccinated puppies aren't lacking immunity because they still have the immunization from their mothers. That actually makes pretty good sense to me. Any thoughts?


Lynn said...

I'm so excited for these photos! Puppy hiccups are normal. Lucy still gets them, but not as often as she used to. As for going outside, I have let Lucy meet dogs that I know are vaccinated. I do get nervous when I go outside with her though, so I'm curious to see what other dog owners say. I feel like most likely, Lucy and Theo will be ok, but there is always that chance. Not really a risk I am comfortable taking.

Spectater said...

looks like "theo's first chicken" should really be titled "theo's first beer."

JuLo said...

Thanks for the info, Lynn. I'm glad that puppy hiccups are normal. I figured they were, but I'm also such a worry wort! :)

Hehe. Yeah, you like that Sam Adams in the background. Got that at Costco and their Honey whatever flavor is sooo good.

Ivy & Bryson said...

So psyched for both you and Lynn! Wish I could join in on the puppy talk! I don't have a puppy, never have :(

My friend who recently had a puppy was also told by her vet that it's OK to go outside (e.g. around the block), just not to where there're a lot of dogs congregating.

Whatever you do with Theo, have fun! Keep the photos coming! (BTW, your Flickr pix are awesome!!)

Anonymous said...

Theo is so adorable! He looks bigger than I thought he would, but maybe it's just the angle of the pictures. How much does he weigh?
It's okay to bring your dog around other dogs that you know are vaccinated, but I would stick close to home otherwise until he's had all of his shots.
Make sure when he cries to come out of his crate or pen, you ignore it! He will stop eventually, and if you take him out when he cries then he'll do it all the time in order to get out. Gonzo did it in his crate the first couple of nights. Travis couldn't stand it and slept with him on the couch, lol. Theo could be missing his furry momma too.