Friday, April 11, 2008

Foiled Again!

As I said in the comments of my last post, I tried to take Theo to the dog park, finally, yesterday (I tried to take him the day before, but I got caught up at work at the last minute. Boo!), but when I drove past it on my way home, I saw it was closed. Foiled again!

This is why I love the internet. I just checked the park's website, and the dog park is closed yesterday and today due to "refertilization and aeration of the pens". Ack! Don't they know I'm trying to take Theo for his first dog park visit here!? Maybe it's a sign. Hehe. I was planning on meeting Mouth this weekend with his dogs there. I was hoping to take him before that to get him used to the park, but too bad for that idea.

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