Friday, April 11, 2008

More Space

Last weekend I got Theo a bigger crate. The first crate we bought was pretty small because I was afraid if he had too much space, it would hinder his house training. I know I could have just bought a wire crate and used a divider, but I like the plastic kind. Well, of course, he's been growing like a...what grows fast? A sprout? Anyway, I noticed last week that he was looking pretty cramped in his crate, and I think it was affecting his sleep. He could still stand up and turn around, but he couldn't really stretch out. Poor guy. So first chance I got, I went to the store to get his "more permanent" crate (pictured, right).

I asked around on the Corgi forums, and people said that 30" (deep) is usually big enough, but 36" for sure lets them stretch out in their "superman" position. So I went to the store planning to buy a 36" deep crate. OMFG, a 36" crate is HUGE! I was dubious if I would even be able to fit it in my car. Instead I ended up getting a 32" crate. I figure it should still be big enough for him long term, and if he ever gets big enough to get cramped in there, I can just get the larger size then.

I think my plan is to always have two crates from now on anyways. When I just had the one small one I carted it around between his pen, the kitchen, and outside our bedroom, since I try and always give him access to his "main bed". It got to be quite a pain, and I'm glad to have established the new, large crate permanently upstairs, where it'll stay for good. I still use the old crate downstairs. I still feed him in it, and he still sleep in it in his pen, since there's still enough room for him with the crate door open. When he finally grows out of the smaller one, then I'll worry about getting that 36" crate...but I still don't know how I would fit it in my car. lol! It wouldn't be so bad if all crates weren't proportioned for dogs with longer legs. If only I could find a crate that was the height and width of a medium-large crate with the depth of an extra large crate! Arg! Corgi prejudice strikes again!

And I have to say, that first night he slept in his new, larger diggs? He loved it! Last week he would cry a lot before finally settling down and going to sleep. This week he happily jumps right in and conks right out. Last week when he would wake up, he would cry to be let out of his crate. This week he's fine just chilling until my alarm going off for the 5th time finally wakes me up. And, of course, he hasn't had a single accident, even though he's got more than enough room to make himself a little pee spot. Phew!

It feels good knowing he's more comfortable and I wish I had realized it sooner! If your puppy is looking a little cramped in his crate, go ahead and upgrade him a size or two. You'll notice the difference right away.

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