Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend Shenanigans

Well the last few days were eventful indeed!

First off, I already mentioned the snow, but I've got to make another mention to how cute Theo was when he first hit that batch of snow. It was the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to post the video when I get my laptop back.

Next, my parents and their house. Theo pretty much made himself at home right away. Though instead of using his bed as "his place", he used the entire rug that sits in their great room. It was hilarious. All of his toys ended up under the coffee table at one point or another. It was hard to give him a treat (doggie matzo balls, courtesy of a family friend), but coax him away from trying to go eat it on the rug! Hehe. He loved their backyard so much that it was hard to get him to come back inside! They have an acre of land, and it's chalk full of quail, nightingales, frogs (thanks to the next door neighbor's son), and delicious bunny poop! It was so great to watch him have the space to really run around and having the time of his life.

When we first arrived a neighborhood dog (not sure whose) came over to welcome Theo to the neighborhood. I instantly liked this dog when I saw that he was willing to "puppy play" with Theo, rather than just trying to sniff his junk or growl/snap at him like a grumpy old man. The backyard would have been even better if it were a little warmer. It's no fun standing out in the cold, even if your dog is having a ball. Plus, there was one time he took off after a quail and I had to go chasing after him and bring him back because he wouldn't come when I called. Bad dog! I can also attest that the best way to get your dog to come (when s/he's decided to forget what the command "come" means) is to look your dog directly in the eyes, give a playful nod of the head, and then run the other way. Works every time!

Then, Theo met the family. He was such a charmer! My Uncle especially was enamored with him and wanted to arrange a meeting between their dachshund, Brownie, and Theo. More on that later. My two youngest cousins had a lot of fun giving him his toys. One of them was very brave and liked it when Theo jumped on his head to say hello, the other was scared of him unless she was up on a chair where he couldn't get her, and then she liked him a lot. My cousin's baby daughter was totally terrified of him. She was the only person who didn't say hello to him, so of course, he spent the better part of the evening trying to greet her, which she viewed as a hostile threat, usually proceeding to cry at the top of her lungs. And of course, kids being kids, at the very end of the evening she, deciding he looked more like the Easter Bunny and less like Cerberus, came over and gave him a few nice pats on the back before walking away. There, drama averted.

The next day we took Theo over to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin in Tahoe to meet Brownie. Brownie is an ill-tempered mini-dachshund whom I fully expected to want nothing to do with Theo, and I was right. First thing after Theo walked in the front door was greet Brownie. It started off well, there was lots of sniffing, until Theo playfully jumped on her head (he does this with everyone he's playing with, dogs and people alike, I've noticed). Big no no. She growled and snapped and Theo ran for my ankles squealing like a dying pig. I separated them, and took Theo outside to eat some snow while Brownie mellowed. My Aunt suggested we take them both for a walk together, and it ended up being a great idea. They got to sniff eat other on mutual territory, and Brownie was able to get a sense of Theo's playfulness without being so surprised by it. When they got back in the house I made sure they stayed separated. Theo stuck by me and Brownie stuck by the sunny window, and even made sure to take the long way around me when she went to the kitchen to beg for leftover turkey.

We also took Theo to the Sparks Marina. It is so beautiful there! The wind ended up cutting our walk (and enjoyment! boo!) short, but I would definitely love to go back there when the weather is better. Theo enjoyed all the people and dogs, but his favorite part was when we stopped in the doggie bakery. He got to meet a very nice and patient dog, smell delicious smells, and eat some yummy venison and chicken treats!

Overall I would say that Reno is a very dog-friendly city when the weather permits (this weekend it didn't really). I would love to go back with him in the summer or fall when it tends to be sunnier. I'm glad that my parents welcomed him into their home. It was a really fun time. I can't wait until our next traveling adventure! Right now it's looking like Mendocino in August (*squeal!*), Husband's schedule permitting (it may not permit! boo!).

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