Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We've Been Honored!

Theo, wake up! We've been honored!

It's not a Webby award, but it still feels amazing to have someone appreciate your blog. Ivy posted some of her own blog awards on her blog, and was kind enough to include my own dog blog. She said that the blogs she chose "enrich her life". What a great compliment! Here's what she said about my blog:

One of the most dedicated dog person I've ever met (in person or cyberspace)! We share the common thread as being first time dog owners, and there I thought that we're fairly responsible dog owners, but JuLo totally put us to shame! Her blog shares all the technicalities as well as emotional ups-&-downs of being a dog owner, must read for dog lovers (especially if you're newbie).

Thanks Ivy!!!

She encouraged the people she named to pass the love along and name some blogs they also admire and enjoy. Technically, it's supposed to be 5 blogs, but I'll just list out the ones I like, and we'll see where we end up.

1. I'll start off by blatantly breaking the rules and mentioning the blog that mentioned me: The Senakams. This blog has always been a fun read for me because Ivy, her husband, and her Corgi, Bryson are always out doing something. They'll go to Napa for the weekend, they'll go on road trips to Texas, or they'll just go to a beach nearby. Anywhere they go there's always tons of beautiful pictures and a very happy dog along for the ride. And of course, that's not even mentioning the other great stuff on her blog, like her craft habit (I love seeing her new paper creations). Before I got Theo, Ivy's blog really helped me realize just how integrated into my life a dog could become. I looked forward to taking Theo on trips or going to the park or trying out different kinds of activities like herding and agility. She said that I put her to shame with my dogsessiveness, but her blog was actually an inspiration for this blog. So thanks Ivy!

2. The other inspiration for this blog is Amanda's a day in the life of our pugs. Amanda obviously cares for her girls, Meimei and Miko, just like I care for Theo. My favorite posts are the ones on their quirks, like how Miko is a chicken and runs for the hills while Meimei will stay and fight the evil giant gorilla (King Kong) on the tv screen. Or how Miko (it was Miko, right?) likes to compulsively lick after she eats. Cute! She also periodically does fun segments like "Ask Meimei and Miko" and "Memory Mondays". And best of all, her blog is positively littered with the most adorable pictures of her pugs. Miko as a puppy was just too cute! Amanda also is very concerned with the health of her girls. I learned a lot about what holistic veterinary medicine was from her blog. It's so heartening to see people not settle for "good enough" when it comes to the care of their dogs.

3. Not that I'm biased or anything, but my sister's new food blog, Onward Eaters is awesome. I've always thought she was a great writer, and I can definitely attest that she has an excellent palette as well. I've told her she needs to come to my city and do a bunch of food reviews so I'll know where I should eat. Hehe. Love of food is definitely something we share, and I can't wait to read about the different restaurants she comes across in her travels.

4. I'm going to combine two blogs that I like for the same reason: Angry Chicken and Posie Gets Cozy. The women who write these blogs are regular Martha Stewarts. They cook and bake amazing, delicious-looking food, they make beautiful crafty things, and they both decorate their blogs their gorgeous pictures of all their endeavors. They definitely inspire me to want to take up sewing again, learn to cook, learn to knit, and just be the crafty self I used to be before I "grew up". Ms. Posie, Alicia Paulson, has a craft room that I drool over. She also has an adorable Cardigan named Clover (the cutest name!), who got quite a lot of face time when she was a pup. Ms. Chicken, Amy Karol, has three children she cooks and sews absolutely adorable clothes for. She also makes some of the yummiest-looking baked goods and usually shares the recipe!

5. A different choice from the rest, Mike's In It But Not Of It. Mike's blog, especially lately, is a hilarious and extremely sarcastic account of his work escapades. I've made a few posts myself about my idiot co-workers on my non-dog blog, so I can definitely relate, but he writes them, of course, much better than I do. Anyone who wants a good chuckle should check it out.

6. I'm going to copy Ivy and give a shout out to Lynn's Craft Stew. Lynn got her adorable Corgi pup, Lucy (isn't she cute?!), just a couple weeks before I brought home Theo. We've been able to share our experiences together and it's been great fun. Also, Lynn is one of the people who inspired me to learn to knit (I want to make one of these gorgeous babies!). She even guided me to great resources to use while learning, like ravelry and books.

7. My final award I want to give to Jenna at Corgi Pants. She's in the Corgi and craft club as well! Her Corgi, Sully, is adorable and often shows up in her posts. Jenna often gives great recipes for dog treats (and people treats too! Mmmm...wassail punch...) and other fun doggie ideas. I still want to make Theo a dog tie! Not to mention she knows a ton about Corgis and dog training. Shoot her an email if you ever have a question on dogs!

Now the rules are that all the blogs I've name are supposed to name their 5 blog awards as well (yeah, because I stuck to that number so well, hehe), so go off and find some blogs that inspire you and bring you joy.


The Senakams said...

You're too kind! :D Dogs do bring so much to our lives, don't they?

But more importantly, how's Theo doing? Is he back home yet? I woke up thinking about him this morning as Bryson lay next to me in bed...

Spectater said...

thanks! i don't head out for another gastro-adventure until the end of may, so it'll be awhile for another post, probably.