Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Breaking Down Food Ingredients

Click on the picture for a readable size. This is a "good" and "bad" comparison chart for dog food ingredients. I think the side by side comparison, for example the chicken meal vs. poultry by-products, was very helpful.

Right now I'm thinking that I'd like to do mostly home-cooked food for my puppy, but incorporate some human-quality dry kibble in as well. This will help keep puppy's teeth clean, and will be a good compliment to the food I'll be giving. Thus, I'm in the process of researching good dog food brands. I'll post a comprehensive list of the companies that sound up to snuff.

Another reason to research human-quality food companies, even if you are doing home cooked meals, is for treats and supplements as well. As much as I'd like to make my own dog treats, I'm guessing that I'll be a bit time constrained, and buying them at least occasionally will be far easier. And dogs need vitamins, just like people. I'd rather get them from a company that has the same philosophy on canine nutrition that I do.

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