Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Video Of The Week: 1

We'll see if I can make this a weekly thing. My work blocks YouTube, so I'll have to find the time when I'm at home. But there's lots of cute videos on Corgis out there, so I think it will be a fun thing. If I run out of material I can always expand it to non-Corgis.

To start us off, here is a video of someone trimming a Corgi's nails. It sounds boring and mundane, but it's hypnotizing, and the adorable puppy playing in the foreground really spices it up.

Considering Corgis are known for not liking their feet touched, that little guy is mellow, not to mention cute!


Spectater said...

n'awwww. if you want some movie star corgis, i watched The Queen last night and she had like 3-4 of them in the movie.

Tori, formerly known as "A.J." said...

I really need to get Pepper to behave like that...=)

JuLo said...

See, now I'm wondering if those puppies were sedated or something. They're not normally that mellow, right? Lol.

Aww, were they cute? I actually wanted to see that movie. I'll rent it as soon as I get a chance, which unfortunately may mean next year! Eep!

Spectater said...

yeah, they were pretty cute. movie was good. i watched it on pay per view (assuming yours is now working).