Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Want This: Puppy Packs

Amanda, the woman who is responsible for the blog with all the adorable pug pictures, just started a business selling gift packs for dogs and cats, and they are so cute! There's one for bringing home a new puppy that is totally adorable. They are a bit pricey, but all that stuff can really add up. I'll have to do some price comparing, but if it adds up, I'll definitely be picking one up for my new little guy. I hope the business does well, that way maybe she can expand the product line and add some more color options. Anyone want to get me one for Christmas? ;p


Sam Tsang said...

puppy packs are great idea! i'll say she did a great job! would you like to join us at

Spectater said...

um, i ain't spending 300 bones on your xmas prez. sorry kid.

JuLo said...

lol. Not a problem. I wouldn't want to spend 300 bones in return. ;) I was just yokkin.