Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Doggy Septic Tank

Check out the future of doggy waste. It's a septic tank for your dog! They are sold at Petsmart, and the design is ingenious! How it works is you dig a hole in your backyard, and drop in the Doggie Dooley. When your puppy poops, scoop up the turd and drop it in the tank (foot operated). The enzymes in the tank break down the poop, where it then drains out of the whole in the bottom of the tank and dissolves into the surrounding soil. It's good for your soil and eliminates the smell. And it's only about $35!

My trash can smelled so bad after just a weekend's worth of doggy poop, I think this definitely could be worth checking out!

Courtesy of The Food Bowl.

Update: I know my housing association would never allow it, but how awesome would it be to put a couple of these in your front yard, that way people walked their dogs by your house, they could drop in their dog's poop and you would get a nicely fertilized front lawn? Talk about recycling!


Ivy & Bryson said...

Hi Julo! Thanks for visiting Bryson's blog! I know it must be hard waiting for your puppy, but time's gonna fly and you'll forget all about the agony of waiting once you have the puppy on your lap :) I assume you're having a corgi? They're the BEST!!

JuLo said...

Yes, definitely a Corgi! :)

manymuddypaws said...

great blog, it's nice to see that there are people doing their research on the breed before jumping in! Have you decided when you are getting a puppy?

JuLo said...

Yes! I have a breeder all lined up, my deposit is down, and now I'm just waiting for puppy's momma to go into heat and get herself preggers. That should be happening around the end of this month(!). Then it's another 2 month wait for the pregnancy, and then another 2 months to take the puppy home. So, yeah, I've got a bit of a wait ahead of me. It's torture!

I probably could have gotten one sooner, but I'm not going to be ready for a puppy until after Thanksgiving, and most breeders I talked to had January/February litters scheduled. December would have been preferable, but I'd rather wait the extra month or two for a good breeder.

Thanks for checking out the blog! :)

desentupidora said...

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