Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Take On The Corgi

I saw this quote on someone's blog, and thought it was cute:

"Humans love to refer to corgis as 'big dogs in a small dog body.' This is terribly wrong. Papillions are big dogs in a small dog body. Corgis are big dogs with no legs. If one jumps on you, you will know this is true. Knock off the 'small dog' stuff!"--Laughing Dog Press


Update: Since this was brought up in the comments, here is the article that quote is based on. I love it!


Tori, formerly known as "A.J." said...

Hey thanks for the comment on Pepper's Blog!

I'll be posting a lot (and not just pics), so you'll have lots of first-hand experience to read up on! Mike, Pepper, and I wish you best of luck with your Puppy-to-Be!

the Corgi Girls said...

We love that quote, have you read the rest of that article, it makes us giggle every time we read it...

So true too!

JuLo said...

Yeah, I read the whole article a few months ago. I just searched for it again, and it's so hilarious. I think my favorite quote is this one: "The Corgis' relationship with food is greatly exaggerated. It is blatantly untrue that we will eat until we explode. Corgis have a built-in monitor to stop one bite short of explosion."