Friday, June 20, 2008

A Beginner

Theo had his last puppy elementary class last night. It totally snuck up on me! I was really hoping I would have made enough progress with Theo that he could skip the beginners class (which is next after the puppy classes) and go straight to intermediate. I saw a couple of other dogs do it (Goldens...teachers pets!), so I set it as a goal. Unfortunately, at the end of class today she recommended Theo for the beginners class. Doh! But that's ok. She also said that the last couple of classes he had made amazing progress and that she was really impressed. Yay! She even used him as her demo dog like three times during class, which she never does because he's short and she has bad knees.

He wasn't being so great socially last night. I'm wondering if that's what did him in. I had to break up two fights with him and the other puppies. Two! He's usually so playful and friendly. I don't understand what was setting him off but something did. Maybe she thought he could use more socialization, and she's probably right. All in all, I'm fine with more classes because Theo loves them so much. He practically jumps out of his skin when he sees us pulling up to the training facility every week. It's too cute.

Part of the reason I love my trainer so much is that she obviously does it because she loves dogs and not because she's trying to make a bunch of money. The beginners class doesn't start until the second week in July, so she said to go ahead and keep coming to the puppy classes until they start, that way we wouldn't have to go a couple of weeks with no training classes. That would have been terrible! Hehe.

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