Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning Snuggle Time

It's funny how you can accidentally train your dog in the strangest ways. Theo's latest learned behavior is jumping on the couch to snuggle with me first thing in the morning. On weekends Theo wakes up at his usual time of ~6:30am. Since I rarely have anything to do first thing in the morning on the weekends I take him outside to make his business, then I go lay down on my super-comfy couch (pictured) and go back to sleep for a few hours, until Theo wakes me up to feed him. In the last few weeks Theo has started jumping up on the couch and napping with me, usually at my feet (he likes his space). Last weekend he did this both Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday we ended up sleeping until 9am! Man, it was nice to sleep so long. Sunday he even slept with his head nuzzled on my legs.

Come Monday morning he woke up at his usual time and after he was done doing his morning business he immediately ran into the family room, jumped on the couch, nuzzled into the blanket laying on it, and gave me an adorable "come and snuggle with me" look. Do you know how hard it is to start your day when there's a comfortable couch and a snuggly dog staring you in the face, tempting you into morning lateness!? It's frakking hard. I gave in and sat on the couch with him for a few minutes (read: half an hour) while I woke up and fought off the temptation to fall back asleep (there's no alarm clock in my family room, maybe I should get one). This morning he did the exact same thing.

I know Corgis aren't lap dogs. I never intended to get a lap dog. But I am absolutely loving Theo sitting still, being mellow, and letting me pet him for extended periods of time. Usually petting isn't allowed because he's more interested in playing. I'm guessing this is part of the transition from puppy to adult dog (they grow up so fast!). It's like one day you wake up and your puppy isn't a puppy anymore!


eikoleigh said...

That's so cute! My corgi loves to snuggle on the couch too.

flanthrower said...

Oh cute! It's hard enough getting to work but I'm not sure I could leave behind a dog like Theo and a comfy couch!

JuLo said...

Yeah, I definitely don't feel as motivated at work ever since getting Theo. I often get to work late and wonder "how did it take me 3 hours to go from waking up to getting to work?!" Then I remember all the lolling about. :p

Lynn said...

Aww, what a funny dog. They definitely like schedules, but that is hilarious that he loves to snuggle on the sofa!