Thursday, June 19, 2008

Make Mommy Look Good

Last week's puppy class went so freaking great. Theo did his "puppy push-ups" like a pro (sit, down, stand, sit, etc.), he responded to my commands (like "paws up" and "off") without a total food lure, and he even did well on the activities he's normally terrible with (walking on the leash). He played well with the other puppies. Even the puppies that weren't playing nice with the other puppies (there was a Bichon that kept snapping at them, and a Doberman that was shy) liked playing with Theo. He was acting so well last week that the trainer even used him for a demo (she never uses him for demos because he's short and she has to bend down). I left class feeling proud and triumphant. I hope I leave with that feeling again today!

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