Sunday, June 22, 2008


Theo, I've noticed, likes to get sick right before I go out of town. I'm pretty sure the explosive diarrhea incident happened the day before I went on travel last time. Well I'm heading out of town (to St. Louis for work, blegh) tomorrow morning and when I work up this morning I found Theo with about a gallon of eye goop under his right eye. It was seriously nasty. I wiped it away, but the goop just kept coming. When Husband saw it he said it was allergies. What's he allergic to?! I'm thinking it might be the bit of mold that's grown under our sink (leaky faucet we're fixing next week). I caught Theo inside the moldy cabinet under the sink this morning (we had left it open after we cleaned it out). Hopefully that's all it is and he'll be right and rain tomorrow. Husband is going to take him to vet just to be sure. His eyes are really red right now and he's obviously pretty miserable. Did I mention he likes to get sick on weekends too? Ugh.

Cross your fingers I don't get washed away in a flood!


The Senakams said...

You think Theo might have learned the signs you're leaving (packing bags, etc)? Corgis are real smart and they pick up these subtle cues, maybe he knows and he's getting anxious and thus having diarrhea?

I hope his eye goop isn't anything bad, Bryson got it one time too and it just passed spontaneously over a couple of weeks (the vet said it might be allergies or a passing virus).

I'll be heading to Phoenix for a business trip as well tomorrow where it's like 120 degrees! Ugh. Hope your trip will at least be semi-pleasant!

JuLo said...

Well the diarrhea was actually right before the first time I went out of town. I think it was just bad luck. Same thing with this time. It was probably something in the air from packing up the kitchen that irritated him. So hopefully it's not really a trend!

Man, I wish I had read this before! Husband took Theo to the vet, and apparently our vet said basically the same thing...only not for free! :p

Eewww! It's been steady ~95 degrees through day and night where I live (seriously, it was 80 degrees at 4 in the morning the other night), and it's been so miserable. I'm glad to get away. I'm sorry you'll be in such miserable weather! I hope you're able to stay completely inside at all times! Hehe. I'm actually changing planes in Phoenix when I fly back Thursday. :)