Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ferocious Beast

I'm finally back home with my beloved husband and puppy. I'm a happy girl. :)

It's been crazy around here with the remodeling. Having no kitchen for 1-2 months is crazy enough without a dog. We've discovered that the BBQ place nearby will sell us a 1/4 pound of cooked chicken (without sauce) for just a couple of bucks. We've discovered the difficult logistics of using one's bathroom sink as one's kitchen sink. And I've discovered that Theo is the worst guard dog of all time. Not that Corgis are meant to be guard dogs, they're not. But I'm used to dogs being territorial and not liking strangers in their house. Not Theo. He acts like everyone coming over is a play date just for him.

With the remodel we've got lots of new people coming by the house every day. Theo loves it. He runs up and gives love to anyone and everyone. That's my ferocious beast for you.


Spectater said...

welcome back! can't wait to see the kitchen. and really can't wait to see the pup a lot sooner.

eikoleigh said...

lol, I can totally relate with you on Theo not being a guard dog. My corgis bark at the doorbell but once that person is in, it's like a new best friend.