Monday, June 9, 2008

Dog Food A Little More Demystified

I have a hard time with the notion that everything a dog needs nutritionally can be packed into a handy dandy hard piece of kibble. If such a thing is possible, where's my people kibble? I wouldn't mind having all my nutritional needs met by little crunchy balls I could pop in my mouth all day (and they would clean my teeth!). So I supplement Theo's diet with "whole foods", which just means regular food (not processed fat America food, just real food). I've said this before, but since I'm going through the trouble of doing a partially whole food diet, I want to make sure I'm feeding him a quality kibble as well, otherwise what's the point?

Well the other day I found this website, and I'm loving it! It basically has a rating system for most dog foods (it had all the ones I could think of), on a scale from 1 to 6 stars. It also breaks down the ingredients for you, based on the quality as well as the quantity, which is nice. For instance, the reviewer doesn't just note that there is quality meats in the product, s/he also points out where in the ingredient list the meat is because it makes a difference. The 6 star foods I saw all had at least the first two ingredients as meat.

I was happy to see that the kibbles I've been feeding Theo have all been rated with 5 or 6 stars (I've tried out a few different kinds over the last few months just to see if he reacted differently or looked differently eating any of them). I just switched Theo to this one, and so far we're both loving it. I think it's a keeper!


MoonMystic said...

Isn't that a wonderful website? I found it, too, not long ago and have been sharing it with the clients in my obedience classes. I teach a unit on nutrition and it sure has come in handy! (btw, love your blog!)


JPWC said...

Its great that Theo is getting proper nutrition with good food! (a corgi blog)