Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten Things I Love

Dear Theo,

I love it when you jump up on my hands when I lean down to greet you after I've been away for a few hours.

I love the noises and stretching motions you make after you've just woken up.

I love seeing your nubbin wiggle at Husband when he comes home from work.

I love how you now associate getting into the car with going somewhere fun.

I love the way you rest your head on my knee and look at me when I'm eating food you want.

I love your "ears-back happy trot".

I love the way you nudge your toy towards me when you want me to throw it.

I love how excited you get when it's time to go into your crate and go to bed each night.

I love how you jump up on the couch to snuggle with me every morning and how you rest your head on my legs to go back to sleep.

I love the way you rest your cheek on mine when we're playing.

These are just ten things about you that warm my heart and make me glad that we brought you into our lives. I never would have thought a pet could bring so much happiness, but you have.

What are ten things your dog does to make you happy?

PS: Theo is officially 6 months old today! That's a major puppy milestone! Congrats Theo!


eikoleigh said...

That's SO cute...I love that list. I would have to think about 10 things my guys do that bring me joy, but yours are so relatable... :-)

Lynn said...

Wow, 6 months already! Love the list, Lucy does a lot of those too. I love the ears back happy trot!

JuLo said...

Thanks! I actually thought these up really quickly because they've been going through my head so much in the last few weeks. Every time he would jump up on the couch to snuggle or do his ears-back happy trot I would laugh and think how happy he was making me. I figured other dog owners must experience something similar, so I thought I'd share. I actually have more than 10. I thought up at least 2 or 3 more this morning because Theo was being especially cute. I'll have to do another post when I have 10 again. :)

Lynn, does Lucy do the ears-back happy trot? This picture I posted doesn't do it justice. It looks cutest from behind when his ears are really back. :)