Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True

I knew getting first pick of the litter at 8 1/2 weeks was crazy awesome and too good to be true. What breeder would wait that long to plan and place puppies? I never expected it. It was the breeder who told me "we won't let anyone choose until you are ready to decide". That's a direct quote! I understand, I just wish I would have known, since we might have done our travel a little differently.

I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. I emailed the breeder asking what the puppies' personalities are like and she told me that Alvin is a "spitfire" and going to live with someone with active kids. Sally has the pizazz to be with a couple who already have a dog, and Sally "chose them" by greeting them when they visited twice. So that's two down! I don't think we would have chosen Alvin anyway. He sounded like a troublemaker. But Sally was so cute! I was looking forward to meeting her. Though I must say, her descriptions of the puppies and the people she's placing them with, it sounds like a good match to me.

Of the ones that are left she said Simon and Theodore are more laid back and "snugglers". Simon is "ultra quiet" and Theodore is "a little more outgoing". Alice is "gorgeous" and "just as sweet as Sally", and has a great personality. She also said that Dolly is almost too outgoing and as "ornery" as Alvin. Overall she recommends either Theodore or Alice for us, but says that if we're ready to "tackle" Dolly "she might be willing to let her go".

Hmm...first off, I'm thinking definitely no on Dolly. Alvin didn't sound like the one for us, and if the breeder is willing to give her up when she originally planned on keeping her, then that sends up a warning flag for me. Simon sounds like he might be shy and timid, which in everything I've read says is not a good trait in a puppy. They should be curious and happy. There wasn't really much of a description of Alice. Being sweet and having a good personality isn't quite descriptive enough for me. So if I had to choose today, I'd pick Theodore! He snuggles! He's laid back! That's exactly what we said we wanted way back when we put a deposit down on this litter. And go figure, he's been our favorite since the beginning (that has nothing to do with it, I swear!). I made sure to say that while we like laid back, we still want a dog that will be active with us outside. And I asked if Alice was more hyper, since we wouldn't want a dog that's too active, since we both work. I also asked which puppies did better with people and being handled.

I can't be all that mad, since we were originally going to let the breeder choose for us anyway, but I just wasn't expecting it. I'll see what she says when she writes back, and then maybe I'll engage her a little more on when I need to make a decision without losing out. I just didn't think it would be so soon. They're only 4 1/2 weeks old!

So what do you think? Who would you choose based on those descriptions?

Update: The breeder just wrote back and said, basically, that she saw a good fit, and acted accordingly. I can't fault her for that. She did say that she'll watch Theodore and Alice closely because so far they're fairly alike and she wants to see who she thinks would be better for me. She slso said she wants to leave me with at least three options when I come to choose one, and she's thinking Theodore, Alice, and Dolly. So really, that just means she might place Simon before I get there. I think I'd be a little bummed at that, but again, I'd understand.

Also, I'm told Alice is smart like her mama and Theodore is a hunk like his daddy and will probably be on the big side because he looks a bit tubby but she only feels muscle. I told her I appreciate the opportunity to meet Alice and Theodore before I have to choose, and that I'd be disappointed if I didn't get to meet Theodore. Hopefully no one comes along that Theodore takes a liking to! I wonder if Alice is too smart. I don't want a dog that will outwit me! Hehe.


Lynn said...

Honestly, I still like Theodore the best. He is a cutie pie, and he sounds like a middle of the pack sort of dog. It does stink that the breeder already promised some of the other puppies, but I agree, the reasons she gave don't really give you much to be mad at. I'm glad she wrote to you about the personalities though! I still vote for Theodore!

JuLo said...

Honestly, based on description and pictures alone, I like Theodore the best too! "Middle of the pack" sounds like a good way to put it, and that's really what we're looking for.

I'm going to tell her that we definitely appreciate the opportunity to choose a puppy based on who we mesh with, but if we absolutely had to choose one now, based on her descriptions, we'd choose Theodore. That way she won't give him away if some other family comes and tries to take him!

David said...

Hey it's David from mycorgi- My breeder told me Kiyo was "a terrorist" basically and that I would have the most insane high energy independent puppy in the world on my hands..... well turns out that wasn't true at all. with proper training kiyo has adapted to my lifestyle completely.

JuLo said...

Hi David, thanks for checking out my blog. You have a good point. As long as we're diligent about proper training, I'm sure we could live with any personality. I'm just thinking that since my husband and I both work all day, I just feel like a more active dog would be more prone to separation anxiety than a more mellow dog. Not to mention if the breeder was originally going to keep the dog and now is willing to give her just gives me pause. Heh.

By the way, I watched your videos on mycorgi and Kiyo is adorable. I love the name you chose too. :)