Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Header Picture

If you've checked my blog anytime in the last 5 hours, you've probably seen all sorts of funky pictures at the top of my blog today. I finally got tired of my Corgi collage and decided I'd update it and add in some new pictures. Well it didn't go so well (when does it ever?)...Blogger ended up vomiting my updates all over the blog. The pictures were showing up as tiny, even though they were huge. I made it wide, I made it tall, but whatever I did, the picture looked like crap. Grr!

I finally got tired and fed up (I've literally been playing around with it all day...oops!), and a nice simple approach enticed me in the end. Just one picture with the title of the blog overlaid. "If nothing else will work, this will at least", I thought right before I updated the blog. Of course, it didn't work. The picture was stretched out and distorted. Blogger (curse you!) has changed things in the last few months, and now it's impossible to upload a picture without it looking like crap (unless you put your picture behind the title and description rather than instead of it, which still makes your picture align to the left!).

Well I was determined. I spent all day messing with this, and darn it, I was going to make something work. So I searched the blogger help and read up on how I needed to update the HTML code so that it didn't set a width for the header picture. Now I don't know HTML at all, and my HTML code didn't match the posts on how to update it because I use a different template, so completely flying blind, I was able to update the code so that it worked! That's right. I actually played with code, and I didn't break anything...yet. Woo!

It's still a temporary picture. Obviously my own puppy will be gracing the blog header as soon as I know which one is mine! That picture of Taylor (from my breeders second to last litter) is still one of my favorite puppy pictures.

I'll go ahead and put in the old header picture, just for archival purposes. My genealogist father would be so proud of me.

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Lynn said...

I love the new header. Can't wait until you pick a puppy and have him up there!