Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teaser Picture

My impatience got the better of me today (gee, that's different), and I emailed my breeder to ask if she had any new pictures of the puppies. Hey, I'm proud of myself. I resisted for 8 whole days before I emailed her for more pictures! To her credit, she emailed me back right away with this little gem:

Not to her credit, she didn't respond to the other questions I had asked. You're going to need more than one picture to distract me that completely, lady! Hrumph!

I'm told more pictures are taken and just have yet to be uploaded. When I get more, you know I'll post 'em.


Lynn said...

Oh they are so cute. I am very excited to see the new photos of the boys!

JuLo said...

Me too! Nothing yet though. :(

*waits impatiently*